2012: The Year in Preview – New iPad(s), New iPhone, New Games!

Most blogs have been posting their annual 2011: The Year in Review posts recently. They’re popping up everywhere, all the time and to call ourselves unique, we’ll be posting, on the contrary the quite opposite: what we think, or in some cases know, will go down come next year. Check it out.

We know some things for certain, while other things are just drawn in sand which has the potential to just blow away. Assuming the Mayans were wrong about the world, the following it what’s likely to happen in the next year.


iPhone 5

Following the announcement of the iPhone 4S this year, the media was blowing up about how Apple should have released the highly anticipated iPhone 5 which, according to analysts back then, changed everything once again. Turns out that the new iPhone will most likely be announced sometime next year. No one’s completely sure just when this announcement will take place. We’ve seen Apple bewilder us when they didn’t announce the next iPhone this Summer at WWDC, which has been their usual path. Instead, it was announced during the Fall which could as well be the next new thing for the Cupertino-based company. According to popular belief, the iPhone 5 will be a complete revamp in comparison to its predecessor: reportedly, it will feature an aluminum back with either a rubber or plastic bezel, may have a new antenna layout and probably will have a larger, 4 inch screen. We’ll just have to see what materializes and what doesn’t next year and the months leading up to the supposed announcement date.

New iPad Models

Nothing is certain in this department. Questionably, Apple are looking to release two new tablets next year with one appealing to users who wanted a smaller, 8 inch screen rather than the current 9.7 inch screen. Other reports say that the iPad 3 will launch during Q1 of 2012, with Steve Jobs’ 24th February birthday being the initial targeted date. Others say that Apple is looking to release the iPad during 2012′s Macworld event which takes place annually – this year during January 26th-28th. However, those reports were turned down. The iPad 3 will supposedly feature a retina display, the most noticeable among other things. Until we get real evidence that suggests for or otherwise, we can’t confirm these rumors nor can anybody else. We just know that Apple will probably release the next iPad iteration sometime next year, whether it’s in the form of a smaller device or not. We’ll just see.


Inevitably, there are going to be other games that we haven’t posted about here which are released sometime next year, but these below are the ones coming out early next year for sure. Both of the below games have been featured in our popular Alleyside Daily series and with good reason, obviously.

Vlambeer’s Super Crate Box iOS

The Dutch indie developing firm was the victim of a recent knockoff-scam-like event, and they’ve reacted

with an awesome new game ported from desktops to iOS. Super Crate Box, a game downloadable online, which has been fairly successful, has been ported over to iOS with the help of developers Halfbrick and will be launching on the 5th of January – just one week from today. The game poses you of collecting as many crates as possible while avoiding the constant onslaught of enemies which drop down from the top of the playing screen. Every time you collect a crate, the weapon your character is equipped with automatically changes, and you must carefully avoid all of the enemies to collect the next crate. The developers have already stated that the game is extremely tough and if you’ve ever cracked open the desktop predecessor, you should already know that. Like we’ve stated above, Super Crate Box will be launching next Thursday, and we’ll have a review of the pixel goodness once it hits!

Big Pixel Studio’s Off the Leash

Imagine a world where man’s best friend has been banished by the law. Really, just imagine it. It would be terrible, but it could happen in an autocratic community, which is demonstrated in Big Pixel’s latest title,

Off the Leash. According to the awesome trailer, dogs have been banished, and for the sake of the game, you’re put in control of one running from the authorities. A twist on the common formula, you’re running up the screen in hopes of escaping the dog cops, and as you do, you’ll be posed with avoiding obstacles, collecting coins to spend in an immense in-game store and teaming up with fellow dogs. It certainly looks like it’s a thrill based on the trailer and by looking at Big Pixel’s past iOS record, I’m sure it will be. Look out for our review and for the release of the game sometime in the next month.

So far, 2012 has proven to be a potential-filled year even before it’s started. From the iPhone Alley team, we wish you a prosperous and joyous New Year, although this isn’t the last time you’ll be hearing for us before the end of the year.