2.1 Software Breaks OpenClip Framework

Zak White’s open-source copy and paste framework OpenClip was a very ingenious solution to what seemed like an impossible problem, but as great as it would be to finally have copy and paste for at least some apps, it has been found that OpenClip’s inevitable drawback keeps it from working in the upcoming 2.1 firmware update.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball makes some good points. The problem lies in how it manages to share the “copied” information between different applications. The FAQ’s on OpenClip claimed that it saves information on some shared spot on the drive, but that’s not actually the case. OpenClip actually shares the clipped information within the documents of the app that it was saved in, and then leaves it up to the next app to retrieve it to be pasted.

With the 2.0.x software, this isn’t a big problem because apps still have the ability to read the files of their neighboring apps. However, it turns out that Apple is closing the sandbox in the upcoming 2.1 software. That means that apps will no longer be able to access the copied information from other apps, breaking OpenClip.

Still, Zak says that despite this, he hopes that OpenClip’s release will help show users how useful it could be, and to convince Apple to take steps to get a viable copy and paste solution on the iPhone.

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