2.0.1 Update Changes iPhone 3G Baseband, May Break Future Unlocks

Well, the 2.0.1 firmware update has been released, and users are reporting problems. Not too surprisingly, first-gen iPhones that have been jailbroken and/or unlocked are un-jailbroken by the update, so you’ll lose access to all of your unofficial, third party apps. The Dev Team is already hard at work on an updated Pwnage tool for 2.0.1. However, the update is a little more serious for iPhone 3G owners.

Not only does the update un-jailbreak iPhone 3G’s, but it also update’s the baseband. On one hand, it could increase it’s stability and improve things like keypad responsiveness, but it could also break any unlock or jailbreak that the Dev Team might be working on for the 3G, decreasing the likelihood of being able to unlock your 3G in the future once the unlock is released.

So, should you update or not?

The Dev Team announced on their blog that the update should not pose a serious problem for iPhone 2G users, but you will temporarily lose access to jailbreak apps and it will be re-locked until the Dev Team gets out a new Pwnage Tool. iPhone 3G owners should only update if they never plan to unlock their iPhone, as they can’t guarantee that they can create an unlock for it. They will have their own software update available in the next Pwnage Tool that will make the baseband update optional.

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