We Hate Downtime, Too! Where Has iPhone Alley Been?

It gives the team of the site a small dose of anguish to think that we put our fan-base through a month without iPhone Alley. Alas, while the lengthy downtime caused by a mixture of miscommunication and web host issues may have been a slight hamper on our relaunch festivities it takes more than a few issues behind-the-scenes to keep us from continuing our journey to re-establish the site as a key iOS blog.

Let it be noted that prior to the relaunch, we will be moving iPhone Alley to a new server to ensure that this situation does not happen again.

Nonetheless, there is a silver lining: the extra time allowed us to develop a brand new news concept that perfectly encompasses what iOS fanatics look for to take in the highlights of breaking iOS developments (literally – in the form of apps as well as news coverage).

We apologize for disappointing our readers yet again; the situation was a conundrum out of our control. Assuming the site does not go down for a year next time (insert a healthy dose of humor there), we’ll be ecstatic to share our radical new concepts soon. In the meantime, let us know in the comments what type of coverage we should return to.

Here’s a teaser of what’s to come from a previous “Letter from the Editor”:

Let me be frank before I continue: iPhone Alley is not currently close to realizing the point where it used to be, needs to be, and deserves to be. I fully acknowledge not only the stump that the site has been in recently, but what we require to become compelling to readers and rebuild our audience once again. Now, it is time to work towards the goal of ascending back up with an expanded team, unique design, and distinctive article series. In order for iPhone Alley to reach a newfound glory, I realize that myself and the team will need to rebuild the site from the ground up to become a well-rounded source of iOS/iPhone/iPad news, reviews, apps, products, and much more with a magnitude and diversity no other site centered around what is perhaps the hottest topic of our decade can match.

While we had planned on relaunching the site earlier, is was clear to me that it was not ready; it is far wiser to launch when it is rather than breaking promises and lacking fastidious polish in order to meet a deadline. Sooner rather than later, iPhone Alley will be very meticulously-run as we churn out quality reporting that borders on the brinks of entertainment and knowledgeability. Of course, that will be in addition to our being a very eclectic source of articles oriented around the iOS world (we have a lot of original pieces that we are excited about coming very soon) as well as essential critiques of apps and products. We want to be the full spectrum of Apple’s devices and your one daily stop for all of the above as well as variegated surprises.

Perhaps the aspect of what we do that should be valued most is the community that it attracts and brings together. A large part of the redesign will be focused on increasing interaction between the team and readers, as well as giving readers a garrulous forum to request support or rave about how great so and so is (hopefully the redesign!).

Bringing the new iPhone Alley together will be a theme that is modern, sleek, and radiating functionality with a unique style unlike what can be found on the typical news site or blog.

As long-time readers will know well, iPhone Alley was a major player in the iPhone/iPad scene once upon a time. The foundation for the site to realize that once again has been set in place and will be exemplified by the relaunch.

Great care is being taken in the steps to not only bring iPhone Alley back to the powerhouse it has proven that it can and should be, but to make the site even bolder and better. Thanks for sticking with us, and we warmly welcome you back to experience the relaunch that will strike the site soon.