iPhone Alley Weekly Giveaway #5

Other than covering daily affairs in the iOS world, we here at iPhone Alley also like to please both our developers and readers. So, in order to do so, we now giveaway a large amount of promo codes each week. Today is our 5th week in doing so, and we’ve got a total of 30 promo codes to distribute among our followers. Apps include Run Roo Run (iPhone and iPad versions), Super Bit Dash, Sideways Racing, Fliks for Netflix and more!

We have a total of seven applications in the form of thirty promotional codes to giveaway for this week, ranging from games to utilities. Here is a full list of applications alongside the amount of promo codes that are present for each.






Run Roo Run iPhone (3)

Price: $0.99
Product not found
Sideways Racing for iPad (3)

Price: $1.99
Fliks for Netflix (5)

Price: $2.99
Super Bit Dash (5)

Price: Free
Product not found
Voice Actions (6)

Price: $1.99


In order to enter this giveaway, all you must do is hit that tweet button near the bottom of this post. It is essential that you either use the standard tweet that clicking the button will bring up or mention us with @iPhoneAlley and #giveaway in your tweet. Otherwise, your tweet will not be regarded. We appreciate the RTs, but they will not count towards the contest. If you don’t own a Twitter account, you can just comment below. Only one entry per person is allowed, and the giveaway will end this Saturday the 4th at 11:59 PM EST. Make sure that you are following us on Twitter or provide a valid email when commenting below for us to contact you if you have won.

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To enter a promo code:
1) Navigate to the App Store on your iOS device
2) Click on the “Featured” tab at the bottom
3) Scroll all the way down
4) Click on “Redeem”
5) Enter your code exactly how you see it
6) You will be prompted to enter your iTunes credentials – do so
7) Enjoy!