Would You Switch to Sprint?

It’s rumored and, though very crazy, possible that the iPhone 5 could be exclusive to underdog carrier, if you will, Sprint. Would you switch to Sprint if the new iPhone, supposedly (and hopefully) being announced tomorrow only supports the third most popular carrier?

Up till now, the previous generations of the iPhone have only been available on AT&T – something that changes a few months ago to add support for Verizon’s CDMA network. Now there is chance that the new iPhone could be be exclusive to carrier, Sprint thanks to a leak in which they may have entered a $20 billion deal with Apple – huge for the struggling carrier.

My question for you: would you switch to the new carrier to buy the new iPhone or would the exclusiveness extinguish the excitement you had to finally go out on the iPhone 5′s launch date and purchase the device?

There are a few things to consider when asking yourself the question. I had to consider jus that my contract ended in September meaning I could easily go out and purchase/switch to a new character without the additional hassle of dealing with my wireless provider to successfully [attempt to] terminate my contract. So basically, come the second week or October, [if] when I can get my hands on a new, shiny iPhone 5, I simply can with nothing to think twice about.

If you were an early adopter of the iPhone 4, when it was launched during the middle of 2010, then your contract has most likely just recently crossed its 1st birthday, which means that you could terminate your 2-year contract now for not too large of a price if you truly wanted the new iPhone. However, if you picked up the iPhone after Verizon support was announced this year or later than last Summer for ATT, then the fee will be considerably higher; the final decision comes down to you, based on whether or not you have the financial requirements needed to cancel your current contract and go lock on to another one.

If you’ve still got a 3GS, then the switch to Sprint probably won’t be that hard. Unless of course you’ve already gone ahead and upgraded and locked onto a new contract. Otherwise, it should be smooth sailing to switch over to Sprint.

Considering both that the iPhone 5 is definitely going to be the hype of the better of the next few months and that Sprint could be better stacked up against the aforementioned carriers who already offer the iPhone, this could be the peak for Sprint. Of course, this whole post is going off the insane idea that Sprint will have exclusive rights to the iPhone 5 thanks to a little leak that really couldn’t mean anything – that’s just the beauty of the Rumor Mill.

Feel free to prove us wrong tomorrow, if we’re wrong. Who knows? Maybe the iPhone 5 won’t be announced and Apple will disappoint its large base of iOS fanboys. But, that’s highly unlikely now that so many companies have ‘let the cat out of the bag’ indirectly.