[Upcoming] Beautiful Apocalyptic Shooter The Drowning by Halo & Battlefield Devs

If the end of the world is upon us, it cannot get much more genre-defining than in boundary-pushing shooter The Drowning by developers that have brought their magic touch to Halo, Far Cry, and Battlefield. Not only is the apocalyptic mobile gaming category about to get serious, but it will do so as a graceful beauty with a unique control scheme and a story that blurs the lines between mobile gaming and triple-A quality.

Thankfully for those tired of paper-thin games, there is a story and character drive present in The Drowning. In addition, a score system dictates how well specific actions are played out over the 30-40 hour estimated completion time for unlocking all of the game’s weapon offerings. While being predominantly single player, the developers are teasing a significant multiplayer component.

The ambiguity of the title is complemented by a distinctive control scheme. To shoot, players tap with two fingers and a bullet is fired between the center of the two.

If the screenshots are any indication, this Unity-powered game may be the most-advanced we have to look forward to in the pipeline. Production levels are exceedingly high and backed by proven talent.

Despite the seemingly-limiting high quality, the developers assure that the game is being created for devices as early as iPad 2 along with the new iPod touch, iPhone 4S/5, and iPad mini. Not only that, but the development team of 20 is aiming for a rich game accompanied by a freemium price point.

If this is any indication of what 2013 holds, we are hitting the tip of the iceberg for console quality.

Check back after the iPhone Alley re-launch to find out how you can follow this game!

Get a glimpse of the story in the trailer below: