Tutorial: Easily Make High Quality Ringtones with Style

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you’re probably not aware that there are alternatives to purchasing ringtones for your favorite songs. Including popular websites that provide users with easy ways to clip parts of songs in order to use as tones when people call, there are multiple applications for the iPhone that allow the same thing using your iTunes library. One of the better ones among the ranks of other similar utilities, is Dring.

While it’s purely coincidental that we’re posting about this brilliant application right at the time of its limited time discounted free price point, it truly is useful application.

You’ll first notice its slick interface, which is the most appealing factor thrown into Dring. Everything simply gleams and oozes polish, enlightened by the retina display support. You’ll be able to either select a song from your iPhone’s music library or record a personal, desired sound. Thanks to the accordingly placed switches, you can even insert a recorder clip in between a song from your library.

Thereafter, you can edit the length of your ringtone and portion of your sound/song that you’d like to use as well as add in fades. 30 seconds is the optimal length of ringtones, if you want the tone to finish flush, but you can also use shorter clips in order to loop them multiple times.

The final step in creating flawless ringtones is to easily enough click the Save button. This will publish the ringtone and give you the option to either sync the ringtone to iTunes via connecting directly or email yourself the audio file to import into iTunes. You’ve just got to sync your device and then navigate to Settings—>Sounds.

Voila! You can pick up Dring absolutely free, but you should definitely act fast as it’s only free for a limited time only.



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