The Best Way to Hear About the New iPhone(s): Spoiler-Free (Update: Watch the Keynote Now!)

Due to the popularity of our previous spoiler-free post, we will continue the trend as promised. The basic gist of “spoiler-free” is that participants watch the keynote video before reading about anything that has happened, which does take some effort to avoid. However, if you are planning to watch the keynote video anyway it is in a sense more entertaining to not know exactly what comes next and to leave room open for surprises. 

Read the full spoiler-free description below:

“Spoiler-free” is really for the geeks and fanboys, as you have to actually avoid practically every news site (that includes AOL and Yahoo) while Apple prepares the video that is recorded during the event for streaming. 

The reason why you would want to go “spoiler-free” is simple: you get to watch everything being unveiled with potential for surprises rather than reading it all off in a list. If you are planning to watch the video afterwards anyway, then why not go into it without knowing which rumors pan out, what we have completely overlooked, and the smaller details that will shake up the industry?

We do have to give credit to MacRumors for pioneering the idea, though admittedly I was looking for such a way to watch the keynote before I came across how MacRumors offers/offered that

If you would like to participate, stay away from news sites, as they all will have covered the event (that includes our homepage). Also, Apple will send an email filled with details to newsletter subscribers so subscribers may want to be cautious while checking email. Don’t scroll down the page, as the columns on the right will undoubtedly give details away. It is highly recommended to set this post as your browser homepage so you will know the moment that the keynote video is up.

Yes, this is not effortless and may seem ridiculous to some, but to a select few including myself, it is worthwhile to be able to watch announcements presented (in one of Apple’s famous, arguably entertaining keynotes) without prior knowledge.

As soon as the keynote video is available online tomorrow night (usually at around 7pm EST, but that is not guaranteed), you will find the link to watch it below in an update to this post.

Update: The keynote video is now up! Watch it here.