Technology in the White House

When you think of the White House, you think top security, intelligence, secrecy and Technology. In my mind, I picture the oval office like a sophisticated Starship Enterprise. Drop down screens, high tech video conferencing, voice recognition software, basically, all the things that are possible but extremely costly to implement. This is my guess of what President Obama has at his fingertips.

Recently, while at a Chicago fundraiser, President Obama spoke out about the White House, “When it comes to technology, we are like 30 years behind.” Obama doesn’t have a super cool iPhone with tons of Secret Service and FBI apps, nope. He has an outdated yet highly secure Blackberry. Before he became president he assumed he’d have, “really cool phones and stuff.” It seems that the President expects a little bit more than what he has available. And, truthfully, shouldn’t he? If anyone in the world should have the highest levels of technology at their fingertips shouldn’t it be the president? “I’m the president of the United States. Where’s the fancy buttons and stuff, and the big screen comes up? It doesn’t happen.” says Obama.