Revealed: What the Product in That “Mind-Blowing” Video Is

Remember that video we had posted about two weeks ago that showcased a product with an ability to bring virtual items into the real world? If so, that probably left a fairly impressed, but skeptical impression. Though the skepticism is indeed justified, it is in fact a real product. Before we make the big reveal, why not take one more look at the video? Then scroll down for all the details.

So what could possibly be the product utilized in the video to make real items appear to materialize out of the iPhone’s display? It is called Render, created by Sean Scott.

With Render, users can make objects vanish, reappear, and seemingly fly through the iPhone’s screen to create the effect that the virtual world and reality are becoming intertwined. Or at least make objects appear to do those things since in reality, this is just an effect. Confused? It is simply an illusion; a magic trick.

Do not discredit it just yet though. Despite how it is nothing more but magic, this is a trick you can really do for others. The core of magic is how good illusions look like the impossible is being done in a perplexing, non-obvious way. After all, you can make family and friends believe that you have the ability in the video. Heck, why not impress the technologically-impaired in your life?

One of the great things about magic tricks is that they can be uniquely altered to be done in multiple ways once a trick’s basis is learned, thus they can go a long way. Whether it is worth $35 or not is up to your desire to blow away/freak out.

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