Our Most Favorite Weather Applications

From attention to detail and svelte qualities to accurate weather displays and more, there are tons of options for those of us who are seeking ways to keep track of local or other weather. We’ve narrowed down the ranks of available applications to a a mere list of our top 5 in the first of our upcoming line of applications for specific niches.

We didn’t look at price at all in these comparisons but instead mostly the graphical aspects as well as the interface of the following applications. They’re ranked in no certain order whatsoever – we’ve just compiled the list to help you narrow down your favorites.

Weather Live ($0.99)

Since before any other weather application made its way onto my home screen, I’ve had Weather Live, which I use often interchangeably with The Weather Channel. An interface that suits its users with customization options, beautiful assets, accurate information and more coalesce to become a fulfilling experience with Apalon’s creation. Most prominently, the time and the weather are displayed beside each other with the latter accompanied by text and a small graphic according to the forecast. Immediately following, different information such as visibility, precipitation and others are shown – you can then see forecasts for upcoming days and hourly by increments by 3 hours. All of this has been arranged accordingly on one page making tracking your local weather an absolute breeze.

Weather Live also has another aspect that augments the whole package by a considerable amount. You can customize the aforementioned widgets and information. Among the things that can be changed, you can alter certain units as well as tweak the layout of the application to cater to your needs. If you need only one the widgets/information from the above, you can cleverly omit the others to keep the interface less cluttered. It’s seamless and the process is simultaneously enjoyable.

The Weather Channel (Free)

Weather.com has probably been your go-to when you’re quickly looking for the current temperature or are browsing any day’s forecast on the computer. This official application has ported the website over to iOS and, though it’s been available for a long time, it has an great and easy to use user interface. Aesthetics are average, but the information is legit and spot on with current forecasts, days in advance, hourly, weekly and more. It’s also the optimal application for checking out any severe weather alerts for your area with full reports and also map coverage.

Current Weather ($0.99)

We reviewed this beauty awhile ago, and it’s since proved to be a worthy application for my temperature needs. As soon as you open the application, you’ll be reeled in slowly by the wonderful artwork that the UI compromises of. Depending on the weather, a different relevant picture will be displayed smackdab in the middle of the screen to represent the weather. If it’s cloudy, you may see a hazy day with a hint of sunlight peaking out from behind; if it’s raining, the app boasts the same aesthetically-pleasuring kind of picture, and there are a ton of pictures loaded into the app for you to discover. It’s quite a thrill to open the app in hopes of being presented with a new image – so accommodate those specific people, a social sharing feature has been integrated that allows you to easily share the forecast. We did have some minor gripes with the application, but it’s as simple as can be evident by the small download size. Among our complaints, those of us searching for an hourly forecast will be disappointed as the app only displays the current weather, hence the name. Regardless, it looks flawless and performs almost as well.

Weather Doodle ($0.99)

Weather Doodle simply oozes personality. The interface is pretty simple as are the graphics that make up its buttons and whatnot. However, the application indirectly adapts the same idea from Current Weather (though it came out before) with pictures for each weather forecast. Instead, though, the pictures are completely hand drawn to perfection. If you have a passion for wonderful watercolor-similar art, Weather Doodle looks absolutely perfect and vivid with the bright colors used for each image. You can choose to view current weather or in a list for the whole week, with the latter also sporting [smaller] images according to the main forecast. Here, also, you can share the forecast, and you can also purchase additional art packs, which is a great addition if you have a liking for the artwork style. Sadly, this one also lacks an hourly view.

Weather Motion ($0.99)

Pictures are expanded on with the inclusion of videos in Weather Motion. A marvel among other applications, Weather Motion displays a video in the background that is layered by the temperature and other such information. You can customize the interface too to display various things such as temperature, high & low, wind speed & direction, and humidity level which can be configured to be displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.