Hackulous & Installous Shut Down, Marking the End of Convenient App Piracy

Developers can rejoice as the central hub for conveniently attaining, or “pirating” paid apps for free (quite illegally) has been shut down by its creator, left to rot in its grave – after all, the users sad to see it go that should leave flowers are not the type that would reach into their pocket for them.

When users jailbreak their devices, they could be tempted by the lure of the nefariousness that comes with the ability to install typically-costy apps that had been modified for free distribution. At the front of “stealing” apps was Installous, an app that made the process as simple as browsing the App Store. Illicit development group Hackulous prided itself on what was at its core a clone of the marketplace that Apple had built, one that downloaded apps from servers hosting cracked versions that rung up no charge and thus money that original creators would not see. Installous allowed users to find practically any app that had a price tag and even a tiny following, then begin using it with no hassle.

It had seemed that there were no real attempts to circumvent Installous’s way of stealing sales, especially since the amount of jailbroken users is such a small though significant percentage. Installous continued a smooth operation from its beginnings soon after the start of the App Store.

With all of the benign press that Installous deserved, the piracy hub did seem to enable one virtue that was overlooked: it opened users up to not having to worry about taking a risk in buying an app. Apps that would normally be overlooked were given attention since a second thought become a frivolity. For benevolent users, Installous was a way to try apps before spending money and they did treat it as a trial; some ended up buying the app afterwards if they had gotten use out of it.

While the days of easy and quick app piracy are over for the time being, developers can look forward to ever so slightly increased sales.

Although it is unclear if Apple or another developer did indeed take action against Hackulous behind closed doors, Hackulous reports on its site that it has internally decided to shut down due to its drawing of a smaller, less enthusiastic community.