Google+: What It Means for Facebook Users

Google+ is still only invite-only, but it already has snatched up tons of users (20 million +) in its few weeks of existence; users that most likely won’t be using Facebook anymore. The introduction of this new social network means that it won’t be such an easy ride for Facebook from now on — a good thing for us users who have been waiting for Facebook to up their mobile standards for a long time now.

Competition is always a good thing, for users anyways. With Google+ being very indirectly similar to what Facebook currently offers, both companies will be racing to get ahead of one another in the form of improvement. I’ve been using the free Google+ service for about a week now, and although it’s fairly simple at the moment, it seems much more user-friendly than Facebook has ever been.

I don’t believe that Google+ will become as popular as Facebook, for the time being, but it could become strong opposition. Currently, the Google+ application (only for iPhone for now) has been receiving a lot more praise than Facebook’s crappy 2 star application ever did, which means good for iPhone owners who have been desperately waiting for improvement on Facebook’s part.

So, again, in my honest opinion, having experience with both Google+ and Facebook now, I can say that Facebook will certainly try to get back those many people they lost. Expect to see improvements, just my two cents on the matter.

Now, where’s the real competition for Apple? I want to see some company give them something to worry about, which means better treatment and benefits for their customers. But there still isn’t anyone who’s making Apple sweat nervously now, and probably won’t be for awhile.

Oh, and if anyone needs a Google+ invite, let me know in the comments. Just make sure to provide a valid email in the form, and I’ll hook you up.