Get Your Favorite Game Characters Physically Retro’d

Back in the day when pixel-style artwork was the norm, I’m sure that many people envisioned polished graphics in their games hoping to see something different. Now, it’s the other way around; I, anyways, love applications on the App Store that feature 8-bit, retro artwork while I have an almost endless amount of games with retina, high quality artwork that I could be playing. So for retro junkies like me, there’s one more step to fully proclaiming your addicted to pixels, and that’s by getting your favorite game characters 8-Bit’d.

I was indirectly pointed to 8bitcraft the other day, who creates 8-bit versions of famous game characters using different colored beads. These are then used as magnets and in paintings. And most of their bead-sprites, if you will, are all reasonably priced as well, with supposed better quality than most of their competitors. On the website (link above) you’ll see the large list of games’ characters are being made, most of which have pictures and are from some time back. Meaning, you probably won’t be seeing

Game developers or certain game fanatics: you can also get a character custom made that’s not on their list of characters. This follows the same pricing scheme as the bead-sprites they offer, which is number of beads x $0.01 + flat rate of $3.00. It would certainly help if the desired character is already a pixel character in its according game, but I guess you may be able to get past without that, although you’ll probably end up paying more. This whole aforementioned perk means that iPhone game characters can be replicated. I’m simply just waiting for someone to get an OmNom from Cut the Rope – imagine how many car crashes that would cause if hanging off of the rear bumper of a car!

Characters from iPhone game, Cavorite

Most people have been very satisfied with what they have received from 8bitcraft. Everything seems, based on the various pictures hosted on the website, like it has been crafted well, with time and effort both taking parts in the process.

Let us know if you’ve had any past experience with 8bitcraft, or are interested. I’m really leaning towards buying something from the website, like maybe the evil scientists from LoE or something of the sort. They just look awesome hanging on the fridge, your car or anywhere else you [dare] put them.