Apple Board Member Al Gore Confirms New iPhones in October

Time to settle a question that has been nagging at analysts, as all of which seem to enjoy contradicting one another: When will the next iPhone lineup be released and how many models will there be? We finally have an answer that is not too far from an official source.

Al Gore, currently an Apple board member, had told a South African crowd that the next iPhones will be released next month in his Discovery Invest Leadership Summit speech. While discussing solar energy and more specifically Moore’s Law, he drifted off into saying “Not to mention the new iPhones coming out next month.” Former Vice President, Sir, you did just mention it.

In a jocular and probably nervous matter, he swiftly followed up adding that “that was a plug.” Surely, Apple would not be happy with unintended clarification, even if promotional, before they officially introduce the products. Nonetheless, that certainly is a good way to gain additional audience interest during a “passionate” global warning speech if a plug was necessary to do so.

The concurrent launch of two brand new devices spells out an important development in the iPhone lineup. Sources say that there will be an iPhone 4S that is similar to the current-generation iPhone 4 though boasting speedier hardware along with a redesigned, premier iPhone 5.

Al Gore’s knowledge of such confidential information can be debated, though we would imagine that he has a higher standing than many other board members.

As if we have not heard this reported enough, well there you have it. Straight from someone who would know. Unless he just reads iPhone Alley and was quoting us…

[via The Next Web]