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Is T-Mobile Going to be the Fourth iPhone Carrier in October?

According to T-Mobile, they already carry over one million iPhones on their EDGE network. If Sprint is really joining AT&T and Verizon as an iPhone carrier in October, Apple should let T-Mobile customers experience something better than 2G speeds. MacTrast talked to a T-Mobile employee who claims Apple does plan

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Is the iPhone 4 and 5 Coming to Sprint in October?

Adding the third-largest cellphone company with 52 million customers sounds like a great way for Apple to increase sales. A lot of people are locked into contracts, family plans or corporate agreements with Sprint, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want an iPhone. People who can’t afford an iPhone or

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Is Apple Releasing an 8GB iPhone 4 in a Few Weeks?

On Monday, I quickly touched on how the aging iPhone 3GS is still selling well and how its holding its spot as one of the top selling phones years after its release. There seems to be a new Android device released everyday, yet the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS are

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Aging iPhones Still Selling According to NPD Group Report

The iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS were the top two selling phones in Q2 of 2011. According to a report filed by the research firm NPD, Google’s Android nabbed 52 percent of the smartphone market share, with Apple grabbing 29 percent. RIM’s Blackberry devices fell from 14 percent to 11

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Leaked Best Buy Advertisement Promises Free iPhone 3GS

A leaked Best Buy advertisement promises customers a free iPhone with the purchase of a two year activation. Presumably this means the mega electronics store is clearing space for the next generation of iPhone by giving away the iPhone 3GS for free, but what about the rumored affordable phone Apple

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Slide Releases New Photo Sharing App For the iPhone

Slide’s free app is out of beta and available for iPhone owners to download via Apple’s iOS App Store. The new photo sharing app is being described as “Instagram meets Piictu, with a bit of Twitter thrown in,” or as the tagline reads “plant a photo, watch it grow.” Users

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New History App Turns Your iPhone Into a Personal Tour Guide

The days of being stuck in boring group history tours may be coming to an end. Historypin is now available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The Historypin app was created by the non-profit group We Are What We Do. It allows users to share historical pictures and info

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Recapping the Rumor Mill: iPhone 5 Announcement Coming This September, Launching in 2012?

The rumor mill is at again, this time delivering some devastating news. The iPhone 5 release date has been moved to March of 2012. It all started on Friday, with a report from the Taiwan Economic News about A6 processors. The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. is purportedly testing the next-generation

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Two New Odd and Expensive Apple Accessories

iTableous isn’t the first iPhone table, and its not even the best, lacking the touchscreen capabilities of the Table Connect, but it’s still interesting. iTableous is basically a giant white iPhone that is navigated using a wireless keyboard and mouse. It features GB of DDR2 RAM, 500GB of internal storage,

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Amazon and Walmart Sidestep Apple’s App Store Guidelines

Apple’s revised app store restrictions have not been popular with third party developers, publishers and other companies. Many have been figuring out new ways to deliver their content on iOS devices while avoiding giving Apple a cut of their profits. On Wednesday, both Amazon and Walmart launched web-based services that

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