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Skobbler Giving Away A Brand New iPad 2

iPad 2′s are in pretty high demand and are pretty hard to find at your local Apple store. You can use our tips for buying one on Ebay, or you could just let Skobbler take five minutes of your time, which would really be benefiting you. On their Facebook page,

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iPhone Magic

When I was growing up my dad was a magician as a second job. He’s throw on his tux with a pink ruffled shirt and grab his tackle box full of tricks. At that time, I didn’t think there was anything he couldn’t do. He still to this day, won’t

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Old Lady + iPhone

We have an older lady who works in our office. She can barely can cut and paste so when her son bought her an iPhone I was a little worried. However since the iPhone is virtually idiot proof, I hoped that she would be able to use it easily. Yesterday

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Technology in the MLB

It’s Opening Day! One of the greatest days in the year. The day when every boy and man can begin again to take the first step on the road to the World Series. As America’s Past time, baseball holds everything good about the country wrapped up in a beautiful diamond

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3D Cameras for the iPhone?

3D has become popular over the last couple of years. We see more and more 3D movies and now 3D televisions. It only seems natural that Apple would want to have it’s hand in the mix. It looks like they hope to incorporate 3D camera capabilities on future iPhones. The

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Skobbler’s ForeverMap App

Us iPod and WiFi version of the iPad owners don’t really get to use our devices as true, solid navigation utilities. There wasn’t really a stand-out application for that purpose: accessing maps, routes, POI, etc. on the go while not having a working internet connection. Until now – well, there’s

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Best Twitter Accounts

Twitter, oh, Twitter how I love you! I use Twitter, like most people to not only connect with my friends but to also get information as well as have a few laughs. I’ve created a list of some of the best people you should follow. If you have others to

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Cloth Addiction Microfiber Cloth

Smudges on screens are inevitable. By the end of the day we all have dirt, dust and fingerprints on all our electronics from the laptop, iPhone, iPad, iPod, tvs and more. The Cloth Addiction Microfiber cloth offers an easy and safe way to keep screens in tip top condition. Most

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Wait Is Over: ‘Doodle Jump’ Multiplayer Update Available Today

Updated. I posted about a new Doodle Jump update in the testing stages back in October of last year. The title? Doodle Jump Multiplayer Update Coming Out Real Soon! Well, I was a little wrong with the real soon part because only today did Lima Sky, developers of the widely

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“Angry Birds: The Movie” Trailer Released

I’ve been hearing about popular games being turned into movies, particularly with the number one series on the app store, Angry Birds. Recently, a comical trailer was released by YouTube user, Rooster Teeth, which showcases some storyline added to the game’s goal of killing pigs. Check it out below! I’m

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