Swing Away App Review – A Bright, Colorful & Innovative Take on Casual Games

Casual games have certainly been growing in population among the multitude of applications that the App Store has to offer, and the addition of innovative, new twists are much appreciated with the genre’s fanbase. Just launching today, is Swing Away, an iconic example of pure fun.

Available for only $0.99, Swing Away puts you in control of a cute, cartoon monkey attempting to make its way back to the jungle from the zoo – just think Madagascar but without the lion, the large hippo, zebra, paranoid giraffe or the insane journey on a ship. Rather than the overused endless running that the genre usually takes, the game takes on new heights; you’ll be swinging through the air using vines to gather as many points as possible in the given 30 seconds through a total of four environments.

With a simply tapping, holding and releases control mechanic, you’ll start each round with 30-second and will be posed with racking up the largest score by timing jumps, swinging on vines perfectly and also collecting the various snacks that are littered throughout the environment. The occasional timefruit will also provide you with an additional five seconds.

To spice up the gaming experience a bit more, the developer has included a total of 60 missions that can be completed as you work your way through the zoo, city, suburbs and jungle, each unlocked one by one at 15 missions, 30 missions and 45 missions respectively. These missions involve a bunch of different things: achieving a certain score, collecting a certain amount of things, spending an amount of time in the fever time, even flying backwards from the vines and pretty much everything else in between that you could possible think of. Even though the game was released today, I’ve been playing it for the better of the past week, and I still haven’t completed the later missions which will require a lot more luck and/or game skill – the latter will definitely be acquired as you play along for some time.

Though the one included game mode will keep you occupied for awhile, I’d still like to see expansion of content in any future updates. Something like a mode that would have you travelling the farthest distance possible with deadly obstacles would personally be much appreciated, and I’ve talked to the developer who hinted at the possibility of an additional clothing store, where you can purchase articles of clothing for the monkey to win.

A game like so just wouldn’t be complete without some rad artwork, and I have to say that the designer has done an exceptional job when it comes to graphics – everything is animated perfectly, has a cartoon aesthetic and the sound is compelling-as-can-be. Whether you’re a fan of realistic artwork or not, you’ll be awed by Swing Away’s polished artwork that will never fail to amaze. Similarly, the UI has been perfected to make it easy to navigate the various menu screens.

I’d be crazy not to give Swing Away a thumbs up, so I’m glad to say that I’m sane. It’s easily one of my most favorite games of the year kudos to the simple gameplay and other aspects that have kept me hooked for hours on end. Pretty much nothing weighs the game down, and therefore nothing comes in the way of my solid recommendation. Get this $0.99 gem.




iPhone Alley rates Swing Away 5/5 stars. It’s down our alley!