UltraDeep (quick)App Review – Endless Fun in an Endless Game

Previously releasing Zombie Escape with iPhone publishers, Chillingo, Viqua Games is back for even more frenzy action on the app store. Their most recent game, UltraDeep looks past the line-drawing and commonly seen zombie genres and instead introduces a fine piece of endless gaming!

Many of the endless amount of endless games that are seen everywhere on the app store are usually concentrated on having you go up. For example, take the popular Doodle Jump. You jump from platform to platform with a goal to reach up as high as you can. Not too many of the endless games on the app store have you going down though. UltraDeep does. Instead of jumping from platform to platform, you’ll be falling from platform to platform with hopes of reaching the deepest point possible.

When you open up the app, you’ll notice the doodle theme applied to the menu of the game. This theme goes far past the menu as it also applies to the core gameplay. Although the doodle style is seen way too often, for some odd reason, the quality and fineness of this game’s doodle style seems different from the others.

The game is controlled by iPod/iPhone’s accelerometer. By tilting your device, the falling doodle man will move left and right accordingly. As you fall deeper and deeper, different items will cross your path. Diamonds, which are constantly scattering the screen, are collected for two different uses. One is the in-gameplay superpower that builds up when many diamonds are collected. This boost will activate a short burst of invincibility in the doodle man that blasts him through everything. The other use of diamonds is a form of currency for the upgrades store. (explained below) There are other helpful items that can be collected such as boost-level boosters, shields, cannon boosts, and other boost items. Along with the good things, there are also hurtful ones that automatically end the game. These include stationary spikes, wall spikes, moving spikes, and a whole bunch of other spikes.

The main goal of the game is to travel as deep as you can. You start off pretty near the surface of the earth evident by the flood of light, and as you go deeper and deeper, the scene changes. Each scene is the deeper proceeding scene to the last, and new items/risks are introduced in each. The rate at which the man moves also becomes faster making it more difficult to maneuver him.

Available from the menu is the upgrades store where you can buy all sorts of things that can help you get deeper. Currently there aren’t too many items that can be purchased, so I hope that more will be added via future updates.

I’ve been saying this a little too often because of my recent obsession with Game Center, and that is for the game to feature multiplayer. The game seems strong enough to sustain, maybe, a battle mode to see who can survive the longest. I know I for one, would definitely enjoy that!

The verdict is that UltraDeep is worth it for most gamers of the app store. If you enjoy endless games that truly deliver in terms of quality and addictiveness, then the game is one to own. You really can’t get much better of a game for $0.99 in this genre.