Talking Santa for iPhone App Review – I now know why Outfit7 is always at the top!

The allure of some of the top selling entertainment applications on the App Store is most of the time hard to resist. You never need the app, it’s just something cool to have when your friends are around or you’re just trying to be funny.

If you’ve been following the Top 25 list on your device, you’ve probably seen at least one of Outfit7′s applications near the top of the chart. All of them have starred funky characters that sit on the screen and repeat whatever you say right back in a funkier way, and their newest addition to the batch is Talking Santa.

Obviously, the game pertains to Christmas with Santa being the main character. What the app ultimately does is transform any sound it picks up to a Santa-ee version with a deeper voice and other characteristics that make your voice sound like him. Whether or not it completely works, I can’t tell. Sometimes it does extremely well and others not so much. During one of the less realistic recordings, the app just really deepens your voice. Though it sometimes does not work, when it works it’s worth it!

Other than transforming your voice, you can interact with Santa all while recording what you do via in-app and later having an option to save or upload. You can give him some cookies’n’ milk , play a jolly tune, have him take out a present from his sack, get him run over by a snowball, make him laugh, slap him this way and that, make him shiver and probably a whole ton of others I haven’t yet discovered. And like I’ve said, you can record all of what you do (video and sound) and then play it, save it, upload it, and share it which is an extremely nice feature especially if you want to send someone a special message before the huge holiday!

Santa is evidently a little suggestive proved by the option to send a postcard to someone via email. (Check screenshot!) You could send your greetings on his backside, or with that postcard there’s another one with one of Outfit7′s other characters.

The artwork is something on its own. The clay-like style that everything is presented in looks like one of those pre-Christmas shows you’d watch late night with the carols and everything that makes the day jolly! Although the graphics are nice to look at, they’re a little rough and the animations aren’t too realistic when Santa talks back to you.

There’s still more to the title (for iPhone) which I’m not including because the app works on my iPod Touch 4 and will work with any device with a separate microphone.

The app is great if you look at it from the perspective on how well the effect is on you. What I mean is that just having the app stimulates some sort of inner Santa in you and in no time you’ll be trying to recreate Santa’s famous lines and such and make yourself sound like him which can be achieved using this app. With the steady stream of applications entering the app store, there are tons and tons like this but only a few are worthwhile. $1.99 may seem like a overrated price for an app like this one, but it truly is an absolutely amazing app for people like me that can’t resist these kinds of apps’ pull. Plus, the holiday season is coming up quickly, and this might as well be the gift to get for your nephew or some kid relative of yours that likes fooling around with apps like this!