Super Stick Golf App Review – Super-Duper, Irresistible, Zany Golf

My favorite game of all time for the iDevice: Stick Golf. The casual, arcade platforming action sucks me up for hours every single time I play without fail. You can guess I was overjoyed on Friday, when the sequel Super Stick Golf made its arrival on the app store. It feels good having the sequel of my previously favorite game be my new favorite.

Sitting in the Top 25 list of the app store, is Super Stick Golf. Having gotten a hold of the beta version, I was ecstatic to get the final version of the game into my hands the day it came out, and again I am not failed.

The game takes the same core gameplay mechanic as the prequel, having you playing golf in extremely zany courses. As real life golf, you must complete a series of holes in the lowest amount of strokes possible. But the game is absolutely nowhere near real life.

Included with the game are 8 completely new courses along with the original 16 from the same game. All with crazy different themes, they include using precision to successfully navigate the ball through cracks and crevices which as you advance gets more and more difficult. Each level has a par that should be beaten in order for you to get the lowest score possible, and when you get under par for the whole course, the next course will be unlocked. To throw you off, there are hazards placed everywhere such as pockets of water and such that will penalize you and often add to your amount of strokes. This is where precision and skill comes in. Using the power gauge and the arrow buttons, you must direct your shot to make the ball land where you want it to.

The developers have specifically added new unlockables in this game that make it much more interesting and engaging. By achieving various things, you unlock different types of balls with different abilities along with other helpful items. The supernatural balls include a ball that lets you retry when you take a bad shot, the sticky ball lets you hand off of a wall, the ice ball turns a water hazard into solid ice, and the others also similarly help you in some sort of way.

The main different between this game and the prequel along with the new courses is the updated graphics which make the game look a whole lot more rich mainly on a retina enhanced device. All of the objects used to make the courses with their zany colors look sharp and smooth. They’ve certainly been cared to, and look absolutely gorgeous. Along with the artwork, there is new music for each and every newly added course that adds to the crazy theme of the game. The soundtracks are high-speed and intense with their circus-like sound.

With Game Center integration, you have access to leaderboards along with a ton of achievements both difficult and easy. These all add replay value to the game giving it the “one more go” feel to it every time you attempt to achieve but don’t. Except, it seems that some of the achievements don’t work as I’ve done what they say to do but they aren’t shown as achieved.

There’s only one problem that I have with the game. With the original game, I unlocked almost all of the levels. With the new one, I have to play all of the old ones again to unlock the rest of them. Though I’m fine redoing some of them mainly because of the updated graphics, some of the old ones were extremely difficult to pass and I don’t think I can do it again even with the assistance of the super-balls. If Noodlecake could incorporate some sort of way to restore your progress into the new game, I’d love it! Right now, I’m a little discouraged to even try some of the more difficult old ones. However, I do adore the challenge that the game brings by doing this!

No, it’s not some lousy game where the developers simply cranked out code and graphics. It’s Super Stick Golf which should be bought based on the name solely. If not, you’re crazy. If so, buy it this very second but stay within your senses because it can get pretty irresistible and hard to quit! Plus, I’ve heard from the developer himself that the game will be receiving an update very soon which enables online multiplayer, where players play simultaneously in hopes of getting the best score out of 9 holes – sounds fun, huh?

Even though some of the simplicity of the idea has been taken out of the game due to the addition of super-balls, it’s still a wholesome title that is my new overall favorite game. Compliments of the initial launch sale, the game sells for half off, for only $0.99. It’s a win, win situation. If you buy it now, you get a sick golfing game that sucks you up instantaneously. If you don’t buy it now, you get the same thing for $1.99. Either way you get the game.