Super Crate Box App Review – Vlambeer Nailed This Bite-Sized Successor

Developed by Vlambeer, with the help of Halfbot (developer of The Blocks Cometh; runner up game for 2011), Super Crate Box for iOS, the popular desktop version’s successor, was released just today for $0.99. Price in mind, the game successfully offers compelling gameplay that mixes up platforming and running and gunning action and is presented and executed in such a way to make your mouth water with satisfaction.

If you still have yet to experience the online, desktop version that hooked players worldwide, then I truly am sorry for you. Super Crate Box iOS is a remade version of the popular predecessor to take advantage of the iPhone’s, iPad’s and iPod Touch’s resolution and capacitive touch screens in a universal bundle that never fails to amaze.

You’re posed with collecting as many crates as you can in worlds composed of multiple platforms – simple premise augmented to be much more difficult due to the inclusion of enemies that threaten your life. As enemies fall from openings in the top of the screen, crates will randomly generate anywhere on the many platforms that make up the level. As you collect one, another will appear elsewhere. The otherwise easy task of collecting crates is hardened with enemies, and different types of enemies to say the least: large ones, small ones, flying ones – all bent on walking straight into a firepit which kills them but also brings on horribly crazed, angry enemies.

Fortunately for you, you’re equipped with weapons to aid you in your task. Each time that you collect a crate, your weapon will change from one to another imposing the task of learning the mechanics of each weapon. Additionally, the developers have given some weapons advantages over the others. Some will use one shot to kill enemies, some will take multiple shots and some will straight-out be a burden to use; don’t get me started on the disk gun…

Given the inclusion of three game modes, three environments, 6 different enemies, 10 different character sprites, 13 overall weapons and a whole lot more (breath), this iteration of the popular predecessor has no shortage of content. Plus, the developers have promised future, content-minded, iOS-exclusive updates if the crate counter, incorporated into the game, reaches a total of 5,000,000 crates collected. Seems like a lot in words but once you begin the play, you’ll understand that a few gaming sessions add up pretty quickly. In fact, even before the game was released, there were some 40,000 crates already collected; evident of both that the developers devoted a ton of time playtesting and making the sure the game was perfected to its full potential, as well as that us reviewers were instantaneously drawn in. Yeah, I’ve been playing for the better of the past few days. You don’t want to come near me and smell my unbearable stench due to a lack of showers which in effect caused my bad hygiene.

The absolute best part of the game, though, is its controls. This is the part where Vlambeer were initially nervous because the game is pretty tedious when it comes down to controlling everything, and that’s a problem when you’re playing it on an iOS device with a touch screen if you’re not capable of hardcore gaming on Apple’s devices. Right and left arrows control your characters movement, while the two A/B buttons on the opposite side of the screen control your weapon and your jumps, respectively. This aspect of the game has been executed flawlessly and is probably what took Vlambeer the longest time to test when they were going through that phase. Each and every button is extremely responsive, and you can seamlessly slide your finger from button to button without lifting them. Without doubt, these are the best set of controls I’ve ever seen for iOS considering they’re responsive and intuitive.

Unfortunately, if you tend to prefer more casual games that take it easy on the gamer and serve as a way to relax while having fun, Super Crate Box is probably not going to appeal to you guys. It’s fast paced, hard as hell and not really built for the ideal gamer, but rather for hardcore gamers. I wouldn’t blame you for purchasing the game just for the artwork, though; it truly looks wonderful. The game’s various sprites and environments have been built pixel by pixel, literally. The game boasts retro artwork that goes along with the fast paced gameplay as well as the chiptunes that often have rapid tempos.

I really would like to see some new content added to the iOS version of Super Crate Box because it’s currently just a port of the game to iOS with no additions other than the native controls that were incorporated. The premise has so much potential to be expanded on: more characters, more weapons or even a multiplayer mode or campaign if we really get lucky. Regardless, Super Crate Box currently does host a fulfilling experience that any iOS gamer is sure to love whether it’s in the gameplay, artwork or both – there’s enough included for me to classify it as one of my favorite iOS games, period.

Super Crate Box is available for $0.99 as an iOS Universal application but only for a limited time only at that discounted, launch price.

[easyreview title="Our Score" cat1title="Graphics" cat1detail="As beautiful as retro artwork can get." cat1rating="5" cat2title="Sound" cat2detail="Fast-paced chiptunes that go hand in hand with the retro artwork and with the speed of the gameplay" cat2rating="5" cat3title="Gameplay" cat3detail="The gameplay is varied and is amplified by the inclusion of multiple game modes, characters and weapons." cat3rating="5" cat4title="Controls" cat4detail="As I said before, these are the best set of controls I've encountered in an iOS game." cat4rating="5" summary="If the whole idea sounds like your cup of tea, act on it and purchase the game, you won't be disappointed."]

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