Snap2PDF App Review – Easily Snap and Convert to PDF Format

If you haven’t seen already, PDF conversion applications have been pretty popular among the Top 25 in the App Store. With the various types, it’s difficult to pick out which one you should purchase. With experience in business applications, Penpower Technology LTD has released Snap2PDF ($1.99) that makes it easy to scan, share and convert pictures into a PDF format.

Just as the name implies, you’ll be able to take pictures and quickly convert these into PDF format. Ideal for those certain people who need an intuitive way to store numerous amounts of documents or organize them alike, the application will first guide you through the process, and you can thereon begin to snap.

The scanning process is as straightforward as ever can be. Pressing the camera button will bring up the camera, and you can then capture the document you wish to convert. In the case that your desired document contains multiple pages, an option is provided to allow you to take multiple shots for each page. You can thereon preview pick from a variety of other enhancements and such to get the PDF exactly as you want it. Image rectification, image enhancing, gamma correction and cropping are all available options. Additionally, the application can scan your document in over 21 languages, so you can easily convert your text for other people to read or if you reside in a country that doesn’t speak English. All of these options are cleverly included to make your PDFs look professional, crisp and clear – it works too.

Navigation and organization are two well-thought out aspects of Snap2PDF. Once your PDFs have been created, you can input information to keep your records updated for future use. These labels include document name, description, relevant keywords and categories. All of your PDFs will be listed alphabetically, and you can also create folders to keep multiple documents grouped accordingly. The many menus are easily navigable.

Along with the scanning functionality, Snap2PDF has incorporated means of getting the PDFs off of your device. You can upload your documents to Dropbox and can email them to someone or to yourself – both options make it easy to share with other people as well as transfer the files to be viewed on a computer.

Users are evidently piqued by the application by looking at the application’s glowing rating on iTunes. Interface, functionality, intuitiveness all considered, Snap2PDF is the ultimate utility for easily and efficiently converting your physical documents into a widely compatible and crisp PDF. For $1.99, the purchase is incontrovertibly recommended.

[easyreview title="Our Score - Utility" cat1title="Polish" cat1detail="For an application with minimal functionality, though they're significant, graphics don't matter much, however, the UI looks very sleek and professional." cat1rating="5" cat2title="Intuitiveness" cat2detail="Snap2PDF is always one step ahead. Want to fix your image? Done. Want to upload your image and/or attach it to an email? Done." cat2rating="5" cat3title="UI" cat3detail="The whole UI is easily navigable." cat3rating="5" summary="If you're the type of person who has a plethora of documents physically handy and need a way to easily organize, them, then Snap2PDF is for you."]

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