Siege Hero App Review – Polish Is Very Evident in this Successor of a Classic

If you’re like me, you’ve owned one of Apple’s mobile devices for a few years now, you may remember Armor Games’ fling-to-kill-by-toppling-the-structures-game, much like the modern day version Angry Birds, Crush the Castle. At the time, the game was one of the hottest games on the app store with a huge fan crowd and tons of players that would choose it over anything else. Like, it was the thing of the applicable time. Well, just today, after a few years of downtime the classic has returned to the app store in the form of a successor; an absolute great successor that is!

Siege Hero [$0.99] quietly crept onto the app store today as the official sequel to Crush the Castle. The game boasts a totally overhauled graphics scheme as well as a new twist to the classic gameplay of flinging things into a structure as an attempt to kill all of the people in and around the cleverly built combination of different types of building-blocks. Think Angry Birds, or if you remember Castle Crushers, but instead of having to scroll sideways to launch another something at the structure, you’ll instead fire into the screen. This avoids the need to lose precious playing time (trust me, it’ll be precious once you start playing) by having to scroll back to launch.

By touching anything on the screen, you’ll catapult the current weapon to the selected area. The developers have also cleverly sidestepped past the possible problem of your selecting finger blocking your view of the screen by adding in a telescope as an unlockable as you progress, which will allow you to press and hold on the screen in any one area to activate a closer view of the structure at that point. Hence the name, the telescope.

As a sucker for pure cartoony graphics, Siege Hero was a fantastic thrill as it quenched my urge for another game with amazing, cartoon-like visuals. The uber-simplicity of them has obviously taken a step up from the previous predecessor, with its polish and colorful aspects. To say the least, the artwork is wonderful element of the game.

I’m really looking forward to the next few days especially because I’m curious to see if the game will blow up on the charts. It may sound sour, but I would really love to see some game leave Angry Birds in the dust after so long, and Siege Hero seems like the perfect game to do so. Again, as I’ve constantly stated directly and indirectly through the course of this article, the amount of polish and care used to build-up the game is really evident in its many carefully designed levels and the wonderful artwork. Highly recommended for casual gamers and those old iPhone gamers (myself included) who want to bring back some nostalgia from the relatively recent past.

[iPad Video via The Game Trail