Sideways Racing App Review – A Thrilling Ride for Your iPad

Without doubt, the genre that universally wastes the most time is racers. Depending on how well the game has been executed overall, you may or may not find yourself unknowingly playing for hours on end striving to get a few seconds better to improve your time or to finish in a better position; regardless, while they last, they last. The same can be said about Sideways Racing

A stunningly designed top-down racer, Sideways Racing drags you to the track to compete with AI opponents in various races. You’ll be posed with snatching the top position for yourself in order to successfully progress onward, unlock additional tracks and also complete achievement.

Like most top-down racers currently available for iOS, Sideways Racing incorporates a few control options to fancy any gamer’s liking. You can choose from three different layouts, each sporting different ways to accelerate, break and turn your car around each track’s turns.

You’ll really have to be on top of your game considering Sideways Racing doesn’t start off easy and progressively get more and more challenging. Rather, it starts out challenging the player with the multiple difficulty curves which include getting accustomed to your desired set of controls and also learning how the AI works.

Once you take the helm of your car for the first time, it’s going to take a few attempts to get fully used to the game’s mechanics. Physics have mostly been mastered to a realistic extent; the weight of cars evidently plays a part in the game, and the turns require a specific amount of throttle and turning to prevent swerving off the optimal path. When you do get a hold of the proper technique, though, you’ll definitely feel the difference as you race in and out of neighboring opponents and race to the finish line with ease.

Additionally, you’ll have to learn to not crash into your surroundings as this slowly reduces your cars health. When your health is completely depleted, your car will respawn and will throw you back a few seconds by not allowing you to move. Most times your opponents will either catch up or pass you depending on your situation.

Levels have been designed exceptionally. They surely don’t lack variance, thanks to the multitude of different kinds turns in the track and the overlaps created, and the environments that surround a track’s road alter by the race. There are also powerups worked into the routes you’ll take. These include shields, nitro boosts, and more.

The user interface has been designed with the utmost care to an amount of complete perfection. Throw in the cool-colored aesthetics, and Sideways Racing certainly takes the cake for one of the most charming racers for $1.99.

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