Revolt App Review – Lock ‘n’ Load!

Bam, bam, bam. All you hear is one man’s desperate shots against the solid forces of the futuristic robots. Revolt, finally making its way into the app store after months and months of anticipation.

In a technocratic world taking place some years from present day, one man, Guy, fights against the evil forces who have threatened the race of humans. After being exposed to the robot’s real goal, and after being shown the real nature of the tech who he was working for, Guy has to get revenge on his former employers.

Released just about a week ago, Revolt is an action packed, dual-stick shooter adventure that takes you through an evil yet gorgeous technological world in the form of many spacious levels. You play as the main character, and really the only real character, blasting through the many arsenals of the robots. On the left and right hand sides of the screen, two sticks are displayed which are dragged around to move (left) and shoot (right). Those being the most simple controls, there are buttons placed across the screen to change weapons, throw grenades, and perform evasive barrel roles.

The levels all take place in a factory sort of environment with metal everywhere including the robots and the various objects paving the obvious paths of the level. As you make your way through the mostly explosive paths, you’ll encounter many different kinds of robots. The most simple which you see in the beginning simple clamber after you attempting to attack solely with their claws. The diverse amount of them includes flying ones, shooting ones, and a whole bunch more with the more powerful ones taking more effort on your part to blast away.

Also as you work your way through the levels, you’ll pick up different weapons. Primary weapons such as rifles and such can be picked up along with different types of secondary weapons (grenades). Since the robots aren’t completely defenseless, and Guy isn’t as invincible as I had hoped so, he can also get hurt. His health, indicated by the health gauge at the upper-left side of the screen, will decrease slightly with each blow but can also be replenished with the periodically appearing health packs.

I absolutely love games where you can buy upgrades for your character, and thankfully this game satisfies my fancy. After each level, you can use the many in-game currency credits, which is really just technology from the dead robots, that you earn from fighting off robots to buy ammo, extra grenades, and new more damage inflicting weapons. Though the store isn’t the most attractive, it still serves the basic need and very easy to navigate.

Along with the story mode, there is also a survival mode which is nearly endless if you can hold off that long. This mode lets you play against the robots with new more difficult ones being introduced every now and then and the difficulty level steadily increasing.

As I’ve slightly mentioned earlier, the environments are gorgeous which contributes to the overall artwork. The character sprites, and objects that make up the levels look just great especially with the retina enhanced graphics. These graphics along with the hooking storyline and no end to the amount of replay value make the game intense with excitement in every turn taken.

Revolt is available worldwide for $1.99 and its equivalent valuers in other currencies. The game has made a huge leap with the overall level it’s at since I last played it as a beta build. Though I’ve got my fingers crossed for a co-op mode, I’m satisfied so far with the game and its complete state of being. It lacks nowhere with its many levels, stunning visuals, and enticing storyline.

Overall, the game is worth every penny that you’ll be spending on it and more. If this site were to have a rating system, I would give this little action-packed gem a definite 5/5!