Minigore: Zombies 2 App Review – A Bloody Good Time

Zombies moan, as they inch nearer and nearer. You’re seemingly surrounded by the brainless horde, and only armed with one option: your trusty machine gun. You violently smash the trigger, as you vigorously twirl in circles, attempting to cover each side. Undead corpses collapse at your feet; when you hear a click: out of ammo. So, you whip out your axe, and cut through enough of the horde to reach a chainsaw, this is where things get ugly in a beautiful way. Zombie limbs fly off left and right, as coins and power ups rain from the sky. Mountain Sheep portrays this marvelously in their new sequel: Minigore: Zombies 2 ($0.99)- Limited time price

Minigore: Zombies 2 is the brilliant new survival game from Mountain Sheep. The graphics, though cartoony, fit the game perfectly, because hyper-realistic visuals would have just taken the focus away from the addictive gameplay. The screen fills up nicely with the undead: blood splatters gruesomely, and the severance of limbs is a common occurrence.

Sound design wasn’t the biggest focus in Minigore: Zombies 2. While the soundtrack is descent, an eerie score really could have complemented the zombie atmosphere. When it comes to sound effects, Zombies 2 really shines. Each weapon sounds unique, and you can really hear the bullets rip through flesh, when you hit your target. Zombies moan and groan in pursuit of you, and the sound effects do help to immerse you in the gameplay.

By far, the greatest aspect of Minigore: Zombies 2 has to be the gameplay. It is definitely some of the most addictive iOS gameplay I’ve experienced in a long while. The variety of weapons is staggering (both melee and ranged), with each having its own benefits and drawbacks. As you’re being chased by the numerous hordes of zombies, throughout the game’s many levels, random weapons will be dropped, which are key to your survival. The race to get to these numerous drops before you get eaten alive is always a nerve-wracking one.

Every once in a while a boss will appear, in an attempt to put an end to your undead fun. The bosses, at times can be extremely difficult. This challenge is a welcome one because, if you have auto-aim on, the game is way too easy. After you beat a boss, however, you will be rightfully awarded with a large sum of coins, these coins can later be used to purchase weapon upgrades and unlockable items. When it comes to enemy variation, there are a few bosses, and there are many different enemies.

Minigore: Zombies 2
s greatest problems go along with some of its greatest successes. For example, the engine can support up to 150 zombies on the screen, at one time. See, this can be problematic, though, as eventually larger enemies will spawn within the horde, and you may not notice when a dangerous enemy sneaks up and kills you quickly, when you were focusing on the smaller zombies. The large zombie count also causes problems on older devices. Mountain Sheep even recommends not to play the game on the iPod Touch 4g, as it would experience screen tearing.

Despite some small issues here and there, Mountain Sheep’s gory sequel truly shines. The gameplay is as addictive as ever, and there are tons of levels to shoot your way through. Visuals are simple, yet impressive, and sound is alright, but I can’t help feeling that they could’ve done a better job with it. All in all, Minigore: Zombies 2 is unique, refreshing, and addictive, and shouldn’t be missed by zombie fans and action fans, alike.

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