Mass Effect Infiltrator™ App Review – An Impressive Experience Plagued by Hindering Controls

Released worldwide, simultaneously with its console counterparts, Mass Effect Infiltrator™ ($6.99) recently became available on the App Store placing you in control of a a Cerberus Operative named Randall Ezno. Taking you through a cinematic experience composed of flawlessly created stunning visuals, you’ve turned on your own after discovering the aliens that you’ve been tasked with capturing are being experimented in. Because the notion is difficult to fathom, you’ve resorted to sticking to the big guns, literally.

Iron Monkey, the same people behind the iOS version of the popular thriller, Dead Space, as well as the endless runner Mirror’s Edge, have brought over Mass Effect Infiltrator™ to iOS – a full-fledged third-person shooter, the game will guide you through the story of Randall Ezno, as we’ve stated above.

You’ll be posed with shooting arsenals of defensive people in hopes of wreaking havoc to people of your own kind.

Beginning with a tutorial, you’ll be introduced to the backend of the title, which was our biggest gripe. Moving is fairly simple and done similarly to other titles of comparable genre. This wasn’t the issue we had. Rather, shooting has been executed awkwardly with weird gestures and swipes used. Iron Monkey has evidently experimented with a new set of controls in comparison to their previous titles, and they’ve come out as being completely ignorant. It’s as if the usual thrill of frantically hiding behind rubble and gunning down onslaughts of treacherous enemies has been disregarded as a whole and is simply nonexistent, for you’ll be shooting in what seems to be slow motion.

Environments and characters look great, on the absolute other hand. They’ve been designed with care and obviously attempt to appeal to the player. Although the shooter is mostly on rails, admiring your surroundings isn’t short-lived – additionally, the game was updated just last week to cater to the new iPad’s retina display, and the game as a total looks gorgeous in the aesthetics department. Save for the fact that the game takes place in space with fictional characters and bionic equipment, Mass Effect really comes to life.

It plays fluidly and looks beautiful – this alone makes Mass Effect Infiltrator™ worth the $6.99 buy in. Unfortunately, the experience is substantially hindered due to the inclusion of set of lackluster controls.

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