Mad Skills Motocross Review – Fast-Paced Motocross Goodness At Its Absolute Best!

Mad Skills Motocross made it’s appearance in the app store just yesterday. Though this is the first time it’s being seen on the iDevice market, the game has a previous endeavor for Mac and PC being one of the best of it’s types. Even now, this much awaited port is the best among fellow motocross racers on the app store.

The game maintains a simplistic idea throughout all of the elements of gameplay. The objective is easy to grasp: beat your opponent in many 2D, side-scrolling races that take place in two game modes by receiving the best time. There’s a career mode with many challenges and another mode where you can race against your own ghost. You’ve got your accelerate and brake buttons on the left side of the screen and two buttons on the right which enable you to give a lean to the biker either forwards or backwards; further opening up the use of both midair and on-the-ground tricks. Solely based on their appearance (small size) you’d think that the controls would be extremely difficult to master. However, they’re very responsive and their sizes are actually respectable (enough) when playing.

Frustration in this game is almost unbearable all the time. You get so close to winning and then a dumb mistake on your part sends you flying off of your bike and projects your opponent in front of you. In just a matter of half a dozen levels in the career mode, the difficulty level of the AI opponent racer starts to stack up greatly. By the tenth level I was struggling to keep up which is insane considering the vast amount of levels. For most of the levels it took me a good amount of restarts to beat the opponent. The difficult of the opponent isn’t the only thing that changes, though. Another factor leading to steep increases in difficultly from one level to another are the various terrains that you’ll race on. The levels’ designs change adding new
bumps, ramps and such. Though the game makes you want to seriously chuck your device violently at the ground, I truly admire that the developers have made the gameplay very near impossible but absolutely
possible to complete their many challenging levels.

So, what really puts the game apart from others of the type as I’ve said before? For me what does it are the pristine graphics and the fluid, simple gameplay. Everything from backgrounds to character sprites to even the game’s menus are polished to the utmost amount with not even one hint of a rough edge or anything that would put the artwork apart from the currently perfect state. And then the smooth frame rate that doesn’t give hints of any type of lags makes the graphics looks so much better. As a side note, the soundtrack is pretty intense and definitely worth the mention!

Those things do it for me, but there are also some extra included features that are great. With OpenFeint, there are leaderboards and all that other good stuff including achievements and such. But more importantly, you’re able to challenge OP friends to beat your times in all of the levels included. This is sort of a competition that you can setup between a friend while allows you to compare your motocross skills especially with the feature that puts you up against your challenger’s ghost racer. Even with this feature, I’d like to see some
extra modes added. Off of the top of my head, I can think of a Free Play mode so you can practice your skills and the new tricks you’ll learn while playing the career mode. Additionally, it’d be great if a multiplayer mode via wifi local and world be added along with a possible randomly generated and/or level editor while could both be tied in with the challenge feature available from OF.

I’m still a newbie at the game and have, to my discomfort, been facing annihilation from more “pro” players that have grasped the game quicker than I have. Even though I’m getting killed each time I attempt to show off of my skills, I am still thoroughly enjoying the lengthy career mode. If you’re looking for a solid motocross game that satisfies your gaming fancy for this kind of thing, Mad Skills Motocross is the definite game to get. It has a considerable amount of initial content, a good fan base able to take challenges from you, and best of all it’s universal. $1.99 for this bundle of fun is impossible to resist.

If you’d like to challenge me to a race, you can add me on OpenFeint: YouLackQuack.

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