Launch Center Pro App Review

The newly released Launch Center Pro ($2.99) isn’t a free update for owners of its unripe predecessor, and that did spark some ill-natured disapproval towards the respective developer. Regardless, that’s no reason to simply brush the app off and not give it a go. The completely revamped, reimagined app ditches the previously-used list format and instead replaces it with a slick, more powerful interface geared towards optimal efficiency.

It’s easy to navigate your Mac either with the integrated Spotlight menu or third-party apps. Unfortunately, until now there was no comparable solution for iOS’ power users to quickly launch apps and perform actions all from one location. Launch Center Pro from AppCubby offers its tech-savvy customers with a noteworthy way to smoothly navigate the iPhone.

The app’s main screen is populated with 12 evenly-placed and sized buttons that include common actions such as toggling the iPhone’s flashlight on or off, adjusting your device’s brightness, and dialing a number. A user can immediately begin to customize the application’s interface to better suit their individual personalities. The pencil icon located at the top right will allow the user to add actions, tweak existing groups, or delete them.

When the user wants to add a new function, they must choose from either an action or a group. The latter is essentially like a folder that houses a certain breed of apps, links or other such similar media – by clicking on the group’s respective icon and holding down, the items within the group will appear and can be selected to seamlessly perform a function. The former option – action – lets the user specify a certain function to be toggled when its button is pressed. This can be a simple task such as calling a certain person or composing a new message, but curious customers have discovered interesting actions – such as inputting a promo code to have the app redirect the user to the App Store with the code already entered.

One major downside plagued the overall experience. AppCubby haven’t added support for every app on the App Store, which is expected considering there are at-least 650,000. That means that the less-popular apps aren’t officially compatible with actions. A full list can be found here. Much like the predecessor, though, there is a workaround for apps that aren’t featured where users can enter the URL scheme, which isn’t guaranteed to always work.

Aside from the awing efficiency boost Launch Center Pro provides over traditional navigating, the most praise I can give to the app is that it replaced a previously essential app on my iPhone’s dock and is now sitting contentedly in between Sparrow and Messages.

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