Land-a Panda App Review

One of my most favorite developers, Big Pixel Studios, released their 4th title onto the app store just a few days ago. Land-a Panda takes you through the love story of two pandas in the form of physics/timing/puzzle dependent gameplay. It’s fast, it’s engaging, and its cute visuals don’t betray that you’ll soon be bald due to frustration!

Land-a Panda has many of the elements of Cut the Rope. Not because of the artwork, but because of the similar gameplay shared between the two and the high dependency on the user’s timing while playing. Just
like in Chillingo’s and Zeptolab’s success story, you must get one object to another location successfully with the use of a huge variety of on-screen tools. Except here, if it came to choosing between some candy and a true love, the latter is most likely for this game’s lovable character, Yang Guang – though he’s adorable, I don’t think he’s yet as wonderful as OmNom. What do you think? Involved in the game are moving cannons, rotating cannons, user-dependent cannons, teleporters and more to get Yang Guang, the panda, to his love successfully. Though the game includes many things that would be seen in a puzzle game, it fits much better into the arcade genre.

Depending on the items in each level, your role in the game could be different. With the beginning levels, timing is extremely important as the cannons are already in the correct positions. What you have to do is simply time the blasting of the panda from one cannon to another to eventually end up on the platform of the female panda. On the way, you can challenge yourself some more and attempt to collect all or some of three coins located in hard-to-reach places. Once the gameplay starts to get into a frenzy havoc of things as you’re rushing to navigate through the hazards, such as lasers, aliens and birds, while also trying to get a cannon pointed in the right direction so that you’ll get to the next one properly and – yeah, it’s just crazy as you progress into the later worlds.

What makes the game so frustratingly addicting is the fact that the gameplay is so simple. It’s so easy to die and pressing the restart button almost happens instinctively. Without the strategically placed hazards to get you on your toes, the levels would only take 20-30 seconds each; not much longer. But by the time that you get to the more difficult of levels, you’ll be spamming the retry button.

In its current state, there are 80 levels split up into a total of 4 different worlds with more to come in future updates. Each takes on the classic art style that Big Pixel is known for. Each and everything has got thick, black outlines which I’m a real sucker for. Though it’s not usual, the sounds can get a little annoying after some time but are for the most part pretty good.

Not only are the graphics fantastic, but the same is similar in the actual game. It’s friendly for the whole family and it has sure got some potential. $0.99 is nothing for a game of this quality. By all means, buy it!

Be lured into the game by the adorable characters!