iPhone vs. Droid

The other day I was helping a coworker set up his iPhone and I noticed it had some major damage. He had jailbroken the phone to allow him a work around from the damaged home button. I asked him if he was planning to get an iPhone 4 soon since surely him and his antique i.e. second generation iPhone were eligible for a contract renewal. His response was that he thought he might move to Sprint to get an Evo. WHAT!? I was shocked. I’ve never in my life heard of someone going from an iPhone to a Droid. We often hear the reverse, many droid owners see the light and move over to an iPhone. Especially now that Verizon is carrying the iPhone. But an iPhone user convert to a droid? Talk about a mythical unicorn creature!

This conversation made me wonder if there are others out there like him. Do people really prefer to use a droid after having an iPhone? On paper the droids easily match up to many of the features of the iPhone. In some ways they are better. However, an iPhone is more than just specs. It is a style, a way of life, a fraternity of sorts.

Give me your two cents. Could you ever replace your iPhone with a droid?

Would you switch from an iPhone to a Droid?

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