Flip It! Gyro Game App Review – A Device Specific Exclusive Packed With Fun

Apple, with their new proceeding devices this year, added a Gyroscope which would hopefully provide developers background for a new type of game. However, how many games have we seen that take advantage of the new hardware? Other than Gameloft’s N.O.V.A, I haven’t seen too many more hits.

Flip It! Gyro Game is one of the first games I’ve seen to use this potential-filled feature. Being one of the first games I’ve actually taken notice of that are actively utilizing the Gyroscope, it’s set the standards pretty high for other developers if they have any wish of creating a solid competitor.

First of all, let’s get the main thing that will influence your decision about purchasing or not straight. Devices older than the iPhone 4 have no gyroscope so therefore cannot be used to run this game! So again, if you do not own an iPhone 4 or an iPod Touch 4G, don’t purchase this game.

When you take a look at the game, you will be faced with a simple-looking application displaying some text and colorful icons. The thing is, the game looks simple and truly is very simple. The application’s built-in voice will say something such as: right, left, up, down, shake, stop, or tap. These are commands which you must follow. For example, if the voice say “right”, you must turn your 4th generation device’s screen to the right. Same with left, up, and down. The command, shake, needs you to shake your device until the next command is spoken. The command stop means that you shouldn’t move your device a bit unless you want to “FAIL” (quote from game.) And lastly, tap just displays a button on the screen which must be tapped as quick as possible.

These things mentioned above are done in a total of 3 game modes. The first, Challenge, has a total of 30 levels split up into 5 different difficulty packs. The object of this mode is to get all of the commands right in the lowest amount of time. If you mess up with one of them, you must try again. This mode provides some substantial amount of gameplay time. The second mode, Survival, has you trying to get as many commands in a row right without messing up in a total of 4 difficulty levels. All of the replay value of the game comes from this mode and the next which is the newly added Party Mode. I know, I for one, come up with a blank face when multiple friends ask me what we can play together at a party. Yes, there are many multiplayers games over wi-fi but you could encounter tons of problems: No wifi, not everyone has an iDevice (rarely!), or not everyone has the game. And yes, there are a few games with the pass n’ play mode to them but those are mainly board games or card games like Scrabble or UNO. I’m not saying that I don’t fancy these games, because trust me I do, but they do get boring after playing too much. This party mode lets you play with up to 8 people as you compete and try to get the most commands right in a row. When someone makes a mistake, they’re eliminated.

Along with the simplicity of the gameplay, the artwork is also very simple. There aren’t any animations like seen in a serious action the game, so other than the creative font of the writing and brightness/colorfullness of everything else there’s not too much depth.

The game does include Game Center integration but only with Achievements. If you’ve played the game, you’ll agree with me that this game screams online multiplayer. If they did the same thing that they did with Party mode but online, that would be a huge hit for me atleast.

I was surprised after playing at the amount of fun I was having playing the game. Though, in my opinion, it’s meant more for multiple people it’s a great game when you’re by yourself too. You can find it on the App Store for only $1.99 which is a great price for such a great game!