Fancy Pants App Review – No Kidding, It’s Fancy

By now, ‘Fancy Pants Adventure’ has become quite a prodigy among the top flash gaming websites on the web. If you haven’t heard of the title and its sequels, there’s really no excuse. The amount of evident time poured into the large adventurous environments, so many well-executed character functions and tight controls have made it one of the most marvellous platformers available for free on the internet. That absolutely amazing, sensational title has made its way into your pocket and is available for $0.99 on the App Store.

Fancy Pants is iOS publisher Chillingo’s newest title, hitting the stores late last night. Truth is, it’s also one of their best. You’ll play as Fancy Pants who is out on an adventure to traverse through many doodled environments in hopes of recovering his sister from the wrath a group of pirates. To do this, you’ll navigate through an arsenal of different level structures including Sonic-esque loops that are conquered in a similar style, long jumps and a whole lot more.

There’s so much to do in the levels that make up the game that you’ll often be lost in regards on what you should be doing next.

Each environment seemingly stretches on forever holding surprises everywhere along its [multiple] paths. Various side challenges will present themselves to you keeping the gameplay fresh at all times, and you’ll usually have to watch out for enemies that can be a hassle to deal with otherwise.

Without actual, physical buttons, Fancy Pants does a great job in providing an optimum gaming experience with its on-screen controls. The basics are, of course, the usual left and right movement and the jump buttons. There is also a down button that will mainly function as a way to duck, while all of the others can be used in succession to create various other ways for Fancy Pants to hop around the very oddly shaped platforms that populate each level. Short story even shorter: jump against a wall and keep on moving towards it will perform a wall jump, which can be used to access higher-up areas. Similarly, you can sprint and hold to the down arrow in order to slide across the floor as both a way of avoidance as well as an attack.

If you are used to platformers with extremely tight controls, however, Fancy Pants may differ a bit. With the gameplay faster than usual run ‘n’ jump games of a similar breed, considering the amount of functions that can be performed with the controls and also Fancy Pants’ (character) swag, the controls can feel a little bit floaty and sometimes a bit too responsive. This will often cause you to do something you didn’t otherwise want to do and/or drastically miss a large jump, come into contact with an enemy, etc.

Each level stretches on and on, which certainly isn’t a bad thing but rather an area that deserves much praise. Even with the inclusion of so many environments that can be played through over hours, there are other additions that make the experience that much better. Fancy Pants comes with an additional game mode included as well as other little challenges that you can attempt to complete within the main quest mode.

Though the idea may come off somewhat simple, Fancy Pants is instead quite on the contrary. Evident by the close-300MB file size, the developers have augmented what would’ve variously been the basic formula. Thanks to so many levels, a plethora of enemies, multiple game modes, a customization option for your character and a whole lot more, to say the absolute least, there’ll never be a time when you feel that the game is either lacking in content or creativity. It’s executed so well, that if you’re a fan of platformers or even gaming as a whole, it deserves a prominent position among your favorites.

[easyreview title="Our Score" cat1title="Graphics" cat1detail="If you've ever literally drawn pictures on a sheet of paper and have vividly imagined them come to life, Fancy Pants' artwork is just like that thought. Everything has been hand drawn and polished down to the last pixel to look as smooth as can be in the gleaming light of the doodled backgrounds." cat1rating="5" cat2title="Sound" cat2detail="Epic - all I can say." cat2rating="5" cat3title="Gameplay" cat3detail="There's always something new being tossed at you, and the multiple game modes make it even greater." cat3rating="5" cat4title="Controls" cat4detail="There's sometimes too responsive and kind of difficult to grasp on to, however, they're great for a game with so many ways to jump, run and kill." cat4rating="5" cat5title="Content" cat5detail="There's nothing other to say than the developers have launched strongly. Honestly, I doubt there's any room for updates - that's how complete the game currently is." cat5rating="5" summary="It's executed so well, that if you're a fan of platformers or even gaming as a whole, it deserves a prominent position among your favorites."]

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