Extreme Golf App Review

For me, the iPhone is the best platform for 2D golf games. It just feels natural, almost as if the arcade genre was made specially for the device. Among the few that aren’t as realistic as you’d say something like Tiger Woods PGA TourĀ© 12 or any other full-fledged, 3D golf sim is, are some pretty decent games. Newest to the collection is Extreme Golf [$2.99], with some bright visuals and sounds along with a considerable amount of holes to swing in. The inevitable question, though, is how good is stacks up with others and whether or not it’s worth its higher-than-average-iPhone-games price.

As I’ve mentioned Extreme Golf is not a 3D golf game, which you’d find on a much bigger console than the iDevice. In fact, it’s very much the opposite as what I’ve described above. Instead, the game is more of a platforming golf game where the controlled player must get the ball into the hole on the other side of the front-facing, 2D platform. On the way, the platform may change heights, give way to obstacles and other such things to hinder. The standard golf rules apply, with the object being to get the ball into the hole at or below par. Another game, which many of you may be familiar with, is Super Stickman Golf (previously known as Super Stick Golf) in terms of its premise.

Though it may be very closely related to Super Stickman Golf with its goal, Extreme Golf differs a ton when it comes down to the controls. My vision of games like this’ controls, on this certain platform, are very simple, easy-to-use ones, which don’t require much on your part. That is the case with Super Stickman Golf; you have two arrows to control direction and then simply a swing button, which will then let you hit with the desired amount of power. In Extreme Golf’s case, the developer has attempted to create a control scheme that is as realistic as it can be with you having to control the position at which you strike the ball, the power and the club – you also have to keep in mind the wind. I appreciate the attempt, but personally, I like games to be simple. Others may think differently as they’re pretty realistic.

In other terms, I am very satisfied with the amount of content that the game has. There are three 18-hole courses, each packed with a variety of different obstacles. Each has a range of difficulty modes and are built up with the wonderful artwork seen throughout the game’s menus and gameplay. While maintaining a retro-ish look to them, the graphics are fresh, bright and somewhat polished. The almost “tropical” soundtrack also has background birds to better make the realistic. There’s also a multiplayer, pass ‘n’ play mode.

In its current state, I wouldn’t completely recommend Extreme Golf, especially with its considerably steep price tag of $2.99. Though, if the controls go through major changes and the developer feels generous enough to offer up the game for a buck or two, I can’t recommend the game enough for it’s got wonderful visuals and a fair amount of content. Right now, however, I think I’ll just stick to Super Stickman Golf.