Cut the Rope App Review – Cute Artwork Malted Together With Physics to Make the Sweetest of All!

In almost no time at all, the game rose to the top of the charts passing the dominating Angry Birds and claiming the number once spot. Well, after a week or so, the game has been moved down to second place, but that doesn’t take away from its ‘amazing game!’ title!

Chillingo’s and Zeptolab’s collaboration turned into a huge success. Their joint release in the form of Cut the Rope was a hit among the gamers of the app store making a debut impact so large and rising to the top. All because of its great quality and quirky little character, Om Nom.

The game starts off with a few quick, still scenes. Someone’s left a box on your front porch with Om Nom inside and a message of “Feed with candy.” Your job is to, feed with candy! To do this you must cut ropes that hold a piece of candy in a variety of different levels to that it will strategically fall into the mouth of Om Nom. As you do this, it’s a good idea to collect the stars strewn around the levels to earn a different amount for that level using the game’s three-star system. And the other main thing is to not let the candy fall past Om Nom.

In the game, there are tons of different obstacles/items that can help/hinder you. There are air-blowers that when pressed will swing the candy, bubbles that will float upwards with the candy inside, spikes that will break the candy, spiders that will steal the candy, a slider that enables you to move the rope and a whole plethora more. All of them will be introduced through the course of the game.

There are 100 levels of this same physics based madness. They are spread out through a total of 4 worlds each with a different graphical theme. The first, has you playing in a cardboard box, the second a fabric box, the third a foil box, and the last a gift. These are where the different items in a level are introduced accordingly and like most other puzzle games, the levels get harder as your progress.

The responsiveness of the game is absolutely stunning. When cutting a rope, activating one of the items, or doing anything else in the game, there are so lags so you can pretty much plan each level out and execute almost perfectly. Also contributing the fact that the game does not lag is the smooth frame-rate.

Another plus to the game is the cartoon-style artwork seen everywhere. Om Nom, with his bulging eyes, and everything else with their bright colors spread across the screen.

I know this review is pretty short, and doesn’t say much apart from the fact that the game is full of pros and no cons. Even if you aren’t convinced by my review, the game truly is one-of-a-kind proved by its quick rise to the number one spot on the app store. That alone along with the $0.99 should get you on your device immediately downloading the game.