Commander Pixman App Review + Win A Promo Code

Had you been a gamer back in “the day”, if you will, you’ll definitely recognize the retro art style used in One Minute Games’ platformer, Commander Pixman, which grazed the App Store just today. Even though I wasn’t quite an olden gamer, I like me some pixel artwork regardless!

Commander Pixman is yet another platformer for iOS boasting a whopping 80, short, time-based levels to play through. You’ll control commander pixman, evident by the app’s name, while navigating through a variety of obstacles. There are spikes, monsters, shooting enemies and a whole plethora of others.
Using the virtual buttons, which has become quite the standard for iOS platformers nowadays, you’ll be able to move left and right, jump and shoot at enemies.

The controls did take some getting used to. Compared to a game such as League of Evil, for example, the virtual buttons in Commander Pixman aren’t too desirable. They’re not completely horrible in themselves, but they are loose and were not very responsive until I got the hang of them.

Each of the 80 levels will hold its own challenge. The only gripe I had was that the difficulty curve wasn’t that great; the first level itself wasn’t too forgiving, especially considering the fact that you’re only just starting and the rest are near impossible – that is the beauty of such a game, though, as the levels have you constantly aching to score a better time and will usually take multiple tries to successfully complete. In addition, each level has a rating system which consists of three stars and a ribbon. You get three stars for completing the level faster than the time inputted by the developer, while receiving a ribbon for a level is achieved by killing all of the monsters.

Along with the aesthetically-pleasing, retro artwork (for me, anyways), each level had a unique chiptune that fit perfectly with the game’s theme. That said, if you’re a true fan of retro games as described and of huge pixels in terms of artwork, then Commander Pixman should float your boat. It’s got that frantic, arcade-ish feel as well as an undeniably large amount of content, so for only $0.99, it’s something you can’t miss out on, especially if you fancy a challenging platformer.

Plus, iPhoneAlley has teamed up with One Minute Games to offer you the chance to win a promo code for the game – in other words, you can get the game absolutely free. All you have to do is follow @iPhoneAlley and retweet this tweet before 12 AM EST tonight!

Gameplay Video: