Chop Chop Caveman App Review – Me Hungry! Me Want Food!

Since the announcement by Gamerizon that they had started working on yet another game, I’ve been following the development taking not of all of the little changes and such that they made to the game. After waiting for about a month or two, the game that I had mostly been waiting for arrived. Today marks the day where the platformer genre in the app store grows in size and has its quality upped by Chop Chop Caveman!

Chop Chop Caveman is a new platforming/puzzle title from Gamerizon which takes you through the daily life of a caveman in prehistoric times. The main premise of the game is for you to fill the caveman’s empty stomach after he wakes up to hear it grumbling.

The main goal of the levels is to make your way through them with out dying and on the way scour all of the corners of the environment to find edible meat. There are dangers that you’ll face while making your way through the obvious track of a level which include falling off the sides of the platforms, running into enemies, or other things which fall into a different category such as different types of platform. Whenever you do so, you will lose a life which is indicated by the three hearts at the top left side of the screen. Hearts can be regained when meat from a killed enemy is eaten however running out fully makes you start from the beginning of the level.

What make the game so much more interesting is the puzzling elements that have been incorporated into it which add the amount of time it takes to complete a level rather than simple running and jumping through it with ease. There will be obstacles periodically in a level where you must sometimes use objects around you to make a path for yourself. Basically, there are puzzles that must be figured out. Many of the puzzles, though, are pretty obvious when it comes down to what you have to do.

With each level, I’ve found that there is usually a secret slab of meat tucked away in a place where you’d never guess. I’m not completely sure what the meat does because I haven’t seen a change on the screen when its eaten but I’m thinking that maybe it’s some sort of trophy or easter egg for that level. The places where the huge pieces of meat are confined usually are somewhere where you’d fall off and accidentally end up. So finding the places can be difficult considering the fact that you’ll be trying to fall off at every crevice in order to locate the meat.

The variety in the game is tremendous. The 20 levels are split up into 4 world which are all themed differently and bring along new enemies with them. And at the end of the world, there is usually a boss battle which also includes using your mind to get past.

With Gamerizon’s previous swing in this genre, Chop Chop Ninja, they stuck to a control scheme not relying on a d-pad or anything like that. Instead all of the actions where performed from various swipes on the screen. They have again gone down that path with this game which different touches and slides on certain parts of the screen have you doing different things. You’ll tap the screen and hold a little ways off of the caveman in the desired direction to travel that way, jump by touching above the caveman, and attack enemies by either touching them or jumping up and butt-bashing them. I totally respect the developer’s want for a game that doesn’t use a bulky d-pad though the current option has its cons too. When you’re performing actions in a quicker manner than usual, sometimes the caveman does something other than you want him to do which can get annoying and could actually hurt your progress in a level.

I’ve always loved the way that Gamerizon designs their game artwork with the main characters having abnormally large heads and smaller bodies. The graphics are absolutely great with each level and its differing environment in the back. Plus, they look gorgeous on a retina-able device.

Considering that this is a caveman’s daily routine, I know I’d love to live back then if it involved all of the fun that Chop Chop Caveman portrays! For only $0.99 you can buy this action/puzzle, fun-packed platformer on the app store which is an introductory price so act fast! I can safely say that the developers have yet again done the impossible and created a full fledged, non-lackluster platformer for the iDevice!