Chocolate Tycoon App Review – I’ll Have Some Milk Chocolate Along With a lb. of RPG, Please!

Com2uS is a well known developer especially for their wonderful hand in developing RPG games for the iDevice platform. They managed to turn my view around with Queen’s Crown so now RPGs are a favorite. In Chocolate Tycoon, one of their newest additions to their collection of games, you’ll take control of a junior chocolate maker’s shop as you try to please the people of the land.

The game combines both time management and role-playing to offer a somewhat realistic experience if you put aside the fantasy world in which the game takes place in. You’ll have access to a robust system of making regular and custom chocolate, have to buy supplies and please customers as best as possible by delivering their orders as quick as you can; all of the hardships in a real entrepreneur endeavor.

The gameplay is basically split up into different levels – days – with the difficulty increasing with each progression to the next level. Customers will start to be less patient and they will ask for specific types of chocolate instead of nothing in particular. This is all the time management aspect of the game. The RPG part ties in with how well you do and items that you can buy. At the end of each day, you will be shown your progress for that day along with your EXP. bar which will show when you level up. This unique combo of both of these popular genres makes Chocolate Tycoon better than the rest.

There’s one feature which I love. Other games would have a bunch of stored pre-made chocolate graphics, but in this one you can literally “design” your own chocolate pixel-by-pixel. It’s quite fun once you get the hang of it!

All in, with the wonderful doodle-ish styled graphics, the game is just fantastic. The overall product is a brilliant blend of both time management and role-playing amounting to gaming goodness. Chocolate Tycoon puts that extra touch to the genres with which it’s made of so for $2.99, it comes highly recommended.