Bubbris App Review – Underwater Match 3 That Makes Its Way to the Surface of the Sea of Games With the Same Genre

That title up there is a mouthful, correct? Well, here’s a better way to summarize it: Bubbris is a new app that uses the commonly seen match 3 genre to perk up and catch my attention. Although the genre is overused and by now makes me feel sick every time I think about it, I actually have been enjoying playing the game, and love the way that is flows.

The game takes place in an underwater environment. Bubbles with various items will float out from the bottom of the screen, and rise to the top of the water where it breaks into the daylight. The bubbles will float up, and of course touch the surface, but they don’t disappear or pop – that’s your job. When the bubbles appear from the bottom of the screen, you can drag them up manually of let them float up. If you match three of the same type, they will link up, and you can click on them to pop them which will add points to your inventory. If you desire, you can wait to stack up more than a string of three bubbles before popping to receive more points.

The gameplay takes place in a series of levels. In each level you will be faced with the original ocean environment, and some displays in the bottom right hand side of the screen. For each level, you have a certain amount of time to reach a specific amount of points. If you do not do so in that time period, you will receive a game over message, and will have to restart.

Every time you level up, the levels all start to get more intense. Bubbles will flood the screen quicker, new obstacles will appear, new types of bubbles with different objects contained, and the score that you must achieve will increase. All of these contribute to the replay value of the game, making it more difficult and definitely more enjoyable.

I do have a few complaints about the game otherwise considered suggestions for improvement. First off, I would ask that a feature be added to the screen that shows which bubble will be coming next. This would help to organize the bubbles in order to avoid missing matches. Secondly, I’d like for a way to rack up combos be added which would add some variety and freshness to the gameplay. And thirdly, which is last, maybe more environments could be added. I enjoy the game at the moment, but fear that it will expire in my mind. If new game modes, powerups, and all of the things above were added, I would be sure that the game would hold my attention for an eternity!

The artwork that makes up the sprites of the game aren’t too much to be excited for, but are considerable and don’t contribute much to the value of gameplay. Although there aren’t many sounds, the essentials are included to make the game minimally realistic.

Overall, Bubbris is a wonderful math 3 game that makes the boring un-boring. It sells for only $0.99, so for this price you really cannot go wrong with it. I am enjoying it so far, and see myself enjoying it in the future.