Bee Patrol App Review – A Colorful Frenzy of Unique Line-Drawing

With so many applications flooding the app store each day, it’s definitely difficult to pick and choose the good ones. Often, some amazing ones drift past without being noticed while others pick up attention immediately. Bee Patrol with it’s colorful artwork and fun premise is hard to miss: it’s got my full attention and got it right away.

The line-drawing genre has received some serious competition. Take control of one of nature’s best flyers, bees, and experience their everyday routine of pollinating flowers, collecting nectar and returning to their hives to create honey. All of this with the cute, crazy, and most of all color-bursting graphical them used for every sprite and background.

Firstly, I’d like to point out the game is only $0.99. Without doubt, with the amount of content that it’s got, it’s worth more. You’ve got three different colonies of bees to play as, each with 9 unlockable levels. For each of those, you can play in two different game modes: either Worker or Queen. In the Worker Mode, you control bees which constantly enter the screen from all four sides for a certain time period, and must attain as many points as you can by navigating them to the flowers and to the hive. Like any line-drawing game, you cannot collide. In this case, the game does not end, but you simply lose 10 points and the bees that crash will disappear. In the Queen mode, you control just a specific amount of bees and must race against the clock to collect as many points as specified. In both of these modes, you can chain together flowers before returning to the hive for extra points.

As you complete each level, the next one in that colony unlocks with the difficulty increasing as you play through them. The ones in the beginning are extremely easy as chaining the flowers can easily get you over the score needed, but as you progress, the gameplay gets increasingly difficult with more obstacles getting in your way, there’s less time, more time with a larger score needed, more bees to navigate and such.

Creating the lines is simple. You slide out from the bee you wish to wherever needed which creates a slick black and white line. Unlike many other line-drawing games, with some of the more known ones excluded, the line drawn is pretty rough and scratchy. This goes on to say that the developers have spent a whole lot of time designing the game evident not only by the lines but by everything else as well. The backgrounds have a slight “shattered” look to them, and as I’ve mentioned a lot already the sprites are colorful and smooth.

Even the soundtrack is well made with a frantic mood to it, though it does get annoying very quickly. Thanks to the option for playing iPod music and muting the game’s music, however, you can easily relieve your ears if you do start to feel annoyed by the highs and the lows of the music.

One addition that I’d really appreciate is a fast forward button. Half of the time that you’re playing, you’ll be sitting idle watching the bees transport to and fro. Other than that, the game is completely flawless. It’s got variety, nice visuals and is just great fun. Again, $0.99 seems like a sale for the game, and after you play, I’m sure you’ll feel the same way too!