Beat Sneak Bandit App Review

Join Herbie and the Beat Sneak Bandit to recover all of the clocks that have gone missing hence causing havoc all over the stylish world of Simogo’s newest quirky titles. Before, you were protecting tiny planets from incoming sports equipment and were helping a car run onward by tweaking the path and elevation of the road in their previous games – now it’s reacquiring clocks in this new music-savvy game that shows an awing amount of potential.

This clever new title from Simogo is a god among the tons of applications that claim to be unique. It puts you in control of Beat Sneak Bandit, who is on a mission through a mansion to recover the missing clocks from Sir Duke, a crazy rich man who seemingly has a fetish for clocks and for repeatedly looping catchy music.

With the aid of your accomplice, Herbie, you’ll be posed with collecting a certain number of clocks in each of the levels while also bearing in mind the additional elements included and designed to wile away your time – literally.

From the story itself, you can tell this new title from Simogo is going to be a thrill, and it certainly is. Why the application is innovative among some of the other trite applications of the App Store is not only because of its quirky visuals that accompany the storyline, but also because of the gameplay. To recover these clocks, you will navigate through levels composed of multiple floors but only spanning the length and width of your device’s screen. Music running in the background loops every few seconds, and you must tap the screen to the beat. Tapping correctly will get B-dit (apparent nickname) to move forwards. This element must strategically be put to use due to the inclusion of all of the other puzzling gameplay factors – there are multiple clocks located in each level, and to collect them, you’ll have to figure out how to get to them which can be quite a difficult task – we’ll stop on that note (see what we did there?) because we’re saying that lightly not knowing what exactly Simogo will throw at us.

Knowing that you’re in his mansion, Sir Duke has installed security lights that will result in a game over if you’re caught underneath. Thankfully, though, they blink on and off making it easier. Most gamers worry about content in a game like this, but that’s definitely not a reason to keep you from buying Beat Sneak Bandit. Objects are passively churning in the background, new obstacles are introduced all the time, and there are many levels to play through.

With Simogo’s signature graphical style used to create the artwork for each and every one of their games, including this one, purchasing Beat Sneak Bandit solely based on this aspect is a no brainer. With an absurd storyline comes absurd artwork that looks absolutely gorgeous when augmented by a device capable of retina display. Sound effects as well, the artwork style used really brings back a strong nostalgic wave from when I used to play Animal Crossing on the Game Cube, which wasn’t too long ago.

The crazily looping music as well as the insanely difficult levels that arise as you progress later into the game coalesce to create the perfect blend of painstakingly difficult gameplay and the want to pull your hair out bit by bit. No, we don’t like pain, but we are absolutely in love with the gameplay elements that Beat Sneak Bandit incorporates into its many levels that’ll keep you both occupied and amazed for some time to come.

[easyreview title="Our Score" cat1title="Graphics" cat1detail="If you love a game with some fantastic visuals, you're going to love Beat Sneak Bandit." cat1rating="5" cat2title="Sound" cat2detail="The gameplay experience is greatly expanded by the inclusion of great sound in the form of both background music and sound effects." cat2rating="5" cat3title="Gameplay" cat3detail="Innovative games like such are a thrill to play when they're released on the App Store. The way that the beat of the music seamlessly lines up with the one-touch gameplay is what keeps you coming back time and time again." cat3rating="5" cat4title="Controls" cat4detail="There's nothing to them, literally - one simple touch is the key to the whole game." cat4rating="5" summary="Why are you still reading this review? You should have hit that blue purchase button in iTunes by now!"]

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