‘Battlefield: Bad Company 2′ App Review – Classic Combat, FPS Action!

With not so much of a good experience with FPS shooters on the iDevice, I wasn’t too sure if EA’s newest release, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 would be a game living up to its name. Though, knowing that the game was derived from the console phenomenon, I was assured a bit. Turns out that the game is decent for the most part if not amazing, so there’s no worry.

This FPS (first person shooter) is based off of the more well known console version. If you don’t know already, the game is a modern-warfare-like game that has you playing in more recent crises rather than WWII and such. With a whole ton of crazed shooting action, you’re instantaneously sucked away into a gaming frenzy.

There are a total of 14 missions in the main career mode in which have you following a series of commands, and must follow. The checkpoints are usually located at points of great importance while the missions include a whole variety of things from regular shoot ‘n’ dodge to even some vehicle-driving action. I was expecting some sort of on-screen joystick for controls, but thanks to the unique screen split that is used for running and shooting, the screen is mostly clutter-free. The screen is split in half with sliding on either side having the character perform: the left side is for walking, while the right side is used for swiveling the view and for firing when pressed down. Though this prevents clutter, it comes with its own set of problems. Your finger is constantly sliding off and sometimes even gets in the way. It’s a problem that can easily be disregarded, but is sometimes annoying.

Uniqueness does run in the game mainly for ability to drive vehicles in some missions. Usually, games like this have you simply controlling a character but this lets you control war vehicles. The controls are the same, but the missions between vehicles and characters can be different. You may have to cover someone in a vehicle mission, and this is overall more engaging than running around though they’re both pretty fun.

Along with the career mode, there’s a side multiplayer mode where you can play simultaneously along with 3 other players online. It’s fun for awhile, and then that amount drops steadily partly because of the fact that there are only 4 players playing instead of more, and partly because of the constant lags and hangs that occur when playing. I’d say this mode is a good idea, if developed further.

If you were stunned by the menu like I was as soon as I opened the game due to the crispness of the buttons and the layout, then you’re in for some disappointment – well, not completely, but partly. Compared to the menu’s smoothness, the actual artwork of the game isn’t so satisfying though not horrible. The environmental objects along with the characters are rather boxy with flat outlines exposed making them look excessively rough and not too realistic. They’re not so bad that I’d delete the game, no, but they’re not the best I’ve seen from EA.

The game’s career mode was excellent, though pretty short, providing some fun and frantic shooting action. Even though you probably won’t be playing once you’ve beat the career mode, due to the lacking multiplayer mode, the core gameplay is worth it for the limited $0.99 price tag that, surprisingly, this one is selling for.