Alleyside Daily #9: Record Sales, New iPhone, Jailbreak Love for iOS 5 Users, Legally Install Siri, Skyrim, Action Video Effects, Clever Speaker, Incase Slider

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|News Headlines

According to Localytics and Flurry Analytics, Apple Saw Record Breaking Sales this Past Christmas Weekend
Nikhil: Holiday shoppers must have been ecstatic this weekend as Apple had record breaking sales
Nikhil: Two analysis firms support this
Michael: Flurry estimates that there are 6.8 million combined iOS and Android activations on Christmas Day
Nikhil: While the previous weeks only showed an average of 1.5 million
A 353% growth cumulatively
Michael: Last Christmas, when I gave her my heart (song joke…), there were 2.8 million activations.
Nikhil: Another figure of importance is the amount of downloads that the App Store this Christmas day
Michael: They also estimate about 242 million apps were downloaded.
Nikhil: In May of 2011 there were only 3 billion App Store downloads while the App Store crossed 10 billion this December – a great record for Apple

Android Device Approved for Department of Defense Networks – Only Smartphone Other than RIM’s BlackBerry
Nikhil: On the other side of things, Android was the second smartphone to be approved for use by the Department of Defense
Other than Research In Motion’s BlackBerry devices, no other smartphone devices were allowed for use in the DOD before today
Unfortunately for Android users who currently work at the USA department, only Dell’s Android devices are able to access the DOD’s network
Michael: Android 2.2 devices can access the Defense Department networks.
Until more devices support the 2.2 update.
Nikhil: Even though it’s limited, considering third party applications are not supported, iOS still has yet to see the light in this area
Michael: Classified info is not accessible and web browsing is done through a proxy.
iOS is currently only approved for DOD testing and pilot projects.

Untethered iOS 5 Jailbreak Released for A4 Devices
Nikhil: If you own an A4 iOS device, which means devices prior to the iPhone 4S and iPad 2, then you’re in luck
If you’re the jailbreaking type, of course
Michael: Finally, 5.0.1 users rocking older devices can jailbreak, untethered and free.
Nikhil: Kudos to the untethered jailbreak released today by pod2g
You just download redsnow and the rest is simple
Michael: This does not cover the iPad 2 or iPhone 4S, although it hopefully means we’re closer to a jailbreak for the newer devices.
Nikhil: If you’re already jailbroken with a tethered version, however, Cydia holds the key

Spire: [Barely] Legal Way to Obtain Siri on non-iPhone 4S Devices
Michael: Spire will allow those without the 4S to use Siri on older iPhone devices.
Nikhil: and it’s technically legal
Michael: A 100mb download will grant you access to Spire, though it gets complicated past that.
You need authorization info from an iPhone 4S that has to be frequently updated as well as a proxy server address.
Nikhil: Updated every few hours
Michael: Using your own proxy server makes it “more legal.”
Head over to Cydia now!
Nikhil: From first-hand experience, I would say that Siri isn’t worth all of the hassle that the above method involves. But proceed at your own discretion!

Completely-Redesigned iPhone Rumored for Fall
Michael: New iPhone speculation time!
It’s actually been a while since we’ve heard new rumors about the next-generation iPhone.
Nikhil: Ugh, I both hate this part of the rumor mill and like it
Nikhil: Because the rumors keep on coming, and you don’t know what to make of them
But on the other hand, it’s fun to speculate
So take this with a grain of salt no matter how desirable it is!
Michael: The new iPhone will reportedly have a rubber or plastic bezel along with an aluminum back.
The plastic/rubber may cover a new antenna system.
A display of about 4″ is also a possibility.
We’ll have to wait until fall again if the report is to be believed.
Nikhil: I’m not as such looking forward to this new design because I like the current one, but I’ve only had it for a few months now
I’m sure you’re looking for something fresh by now, Michael


Dragon Shout
Nikhil: See, I just got Skyrim this holiday weekend, and I’ve been totally hooked to it
So the ultimate companion application is here, and it’s worthy of your purchase
Although it’s completely FREE
Michael: Please don’t make the joke I think you’re about to make.
Nikhil: As I’ve been playing, I’ve noticed that Skyrim’s map feature isn’t too intuitive
If it makes you feel better, I’m totally clueless about the joke you’re referring to!
Michael: Well, the more-addicted Skyrim players will understand it.
Nikhil: I’m an amateur Skyrim player, bare that in mind
So the application allows you to place markers on the Skyrim map
This allows you to mark locations where you fought, found and for other useful purposes
Michael: It’s like a diary of what you’ve done.
Nikhil: It’s even social
Michael: You can also share markers with friends!
Nikhil: Exactly, and it syncs your progress across your device using an account that you can make
Michael: Kind of a nice way to make Skyrim “multiplayer” to an extent.
Nikhil: Overall, the best application to enhance your Skyrim experience

Action Movie FX
Michael: This is an app developed by the mind of J.J. Abrams – the man, the myth, the legend dominating action movies and TV.
It will allow you to add very realistic-looking action effects to your own videos.
Nikhil: Ooh! Not only realistic, but it also looks like it’d be very fun to play with
Michael: So you can make it look like a car is

flying through the sky or that there was a missile launch, for example.
Nikhil: Excuse my childish side that snuck out!
Michael: The only problem is that it doesn’t seem the effects are too customizable if at all so most movies created with it will look the same.
Nikhil: Generic, cinematic, etc.
Michael: But the car crash and missile attack effects are included free.
Additional effects are sold 2 at a time for $.99, a relative bargain.
Nikhil: If you’re interested in the like, might want to check it out
Michael: There are more effects to come. The app itself is free.


Nikhil: I’ve owned this product for some time now, and I’ve got to say it’s an absolute joy to use
Michael: A cool idea – I must say I’m looking for a way to get better sound out of my iPhone.
Nikhil: And it’s worthy of the good initial thoughts
Michael: A long as this is compact enough and can connect via the headphone jack/AirPlay.
No AirPlay unfortunately though, that’s a let-down.
Nikhil: The iMainGo2 houses your phone, MP3, iPod, etc. while also connecting to the audio jack and allowing you to play music through it’s capable speakers
Michael: How do the speakers sound?
Nikhil: Yes, it’s unfortunate, but I’m sure it’ll be supported in future iterations
They’re great for their size – wonderful bass reproductions, accurate sound and smooth
No scratches in the sound, and you can crank the speaker up way high
Michael: Not just high, folks – way high.
Nikhil: The only downside is that the speaker runs on 4 AA batteries rather than a lithium-ion battery
Michael: Battery life?
Nikhil: It does last a long time, but it’s a hassle having to change every 8-10 hours when it dies
The iMainGo is available on Amazon for $34.55 and is compatible with most MP3 players, dependent on their size

Incase Slider Case
Michael: The Incase Slider is a classic, protective case for that new iPhone you just got for Christmas.
It was one of the pioneers of the modern slider-case format and is available in a variety of styles.
Nikhil: If you own an iPhone, chances are you’ve probably purchased an Incase Slider at one point
If not, you can’t really call yourself an iOS-device owner
Michael: There’s the pro-slider, Hybrid Cover, Chrome Slider, Metallic Slider, Crystal Slider.
A look for anyone to begin – or simultaneously end their case collection.
The Chrome and Crystal versions really show with that silver Apple look.
$30-$35 and available at many electronic retailers carrying the iPhone.

Nikhil: If you’re new to the iOS market, post your comments down below letting us know how you like your new Apple device
Michael: Giving away over $170 worth of apps with AppSanta was fun, and our readers definitely enjoyed it!
Nikhil: Evidently, look forward to more giveaways like that in the future
Not just for big occasions like Christmas!
Michael: My work isn’t done yet, I have to choose 4 people to give a $9.99 copy of Readdle’s PDF Expert for iPad to!
Not easy with all of the responses we’ve received!
Nikhil: Keep em’ coming?
Michael: No, too many already! Going to force myself to choose now..