1Password App Review – Keep Your Passwords in 1Place

It seems that every single website that one visits nowadays requires a login in order to utilize all of the website’s features to the optimal extent. Whether it’s the casual social networking websites such as Facebook or Twitter, or an online banking website, a user’s overall security is safeguarded with one personally-defined string of letters, numbers and symbols. The organization and memorization of each and every one of your passwords can inevitably become quite a cumbersome task for solely the brain to handle, unless, or course, you’re some sort of wiz with the memorization capabilities of an absolute genius.

Considering the immensely large amount of places where a user login and password are involved, users are stuck with managing a sheer mass of unique logins and password strings. For those who are tired and fed up with keeping an accurate account of these, developer AgileBit Inc’s new password-management utility, 1Password ($7.99) is the ultimate solution.

It’s become quite a habit for me, now, to simply open up 1Password whenever my mind falls short of remembering a login and password to a certain website. Although I’ve got my most commonly used user identifications and passwords committed to memory, I often need assistance when attempting to login to a place that I rarely visit.

1Password’s essence revolves around keeping a user’s most important information stored safely, while also providing a random password generation feature for those who seek the security of unique, nearly impossible to hack, passwords differing by website. A master password, which can be configured upon the first time of using the app, keeps all of your important information safely stored within the confines of the application. Once you enter the app, you’ll be able to create new entries, organized by category – you can choose whether you want your entries detailed down to the finest of data or simply containing username and password.

Integrated into the application is a safe web browser. You can navigate to your most favorite websites, and 1Password offers easy login to websites using the information you’ve inputted. You’ll be able to simply browse through a list and select the respective login/password combination.

1Password for iPhone is the mobile counterpart to its desktop iteration. To keep things synced, the app automatically updates your entries across your different devices and also offers other syncing alternatives such as backing up to iCloud or to Dropbox.

Along with being extremely user-intuitive and easily-navigable, 1Password doesn’t fail to satisfy aesthetically. The interface sports a slick grey/blue color scheme, with hints and accents of other colors, and every aspect is polished to the greatest extent.

$7.99 is hardly a shred of what the accurate asking price should be for such a powerful, useful utility. If your interest is even slightly piqued by the above description of 1Password, we recommend you purchase this password-management marvel.

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