Weekly App Store Gems – Utilities Edition

Every single day thousands of applications flood the the open doors of Apple’s App Store. Some are genuinely good while others are trash that someone has created simply to squeeze a few bucks out of, which causes many of the deserving applications to slip under the view of a casual App Store user. Therefore, in order to shed light on these underrated applications, iPhone Alley has begun to highlight any hidden gems hiding within the arsenal of applications the App Store currently hosts. Whether you’re the kind seeking a worthwhile game to waste some time, or you’re in search of an intuitive utility that bests every other, these weekly guides are your ultimate resource for finding apps that have slipped under the general radar of App Store users.


Sooner: to-do list & weekly planner

Sooner: to-do list & weekly planner

by SMS Services O.o.o.

5.99 USD

For reviewers such as myself, it’s always a pleasure to see an innovative new application released into the App Store. Over the years since its existence, the App Store has seen too many knockoffs and blatant copies, so anything new is naturally welcomed by many. Although it brings a creative, new idea to the category of to-do and task management, Sooner has slipped under the radar, relatively unnoticed by the majority of iPhone users.

The app essentially relies on a giant wheel as its core; you can access your tasks by scrolling through the wheel and by clicking on the category (each displayed as a portion of the wheel) to which you’ve assigned a task. This reliance on a dial is incredibly creative, to say the least, and it offers the user a quick way to surf through their categories.

This whole dial system doesn’t stop there, though. Within each category another second dial is displayed that allows you to group your tasks in a timely order whether it be a due date reminder or meeting.

There’s a considerable learning curve involved with using Sooner efficiently and to the fullest degree possible, but it’s definitely worth it if your interest is at all piqued by an innovative to-do utility with an incredible amount of potential and a user-interface that is both visually pleasing and intuitive.

Gabi - get the most out of Facebook

Gabi - get the most out of Facebook

by loui Apps


While the official Facebook client has come a far way in usability in that it was, at one time, nearly impossible to be opened without crashing, it’s still a bit limited in features. You’re restricted to one news feed with standard parameters and sorting, and when considered as a whole, the app can’t be personalized one bit to adequately fit all of your preferences.

That’s where other third-party utilities become important – in this case, specifically, Gabi. Free for a limited time, the app is a utility meant for Facebook users. Though it isn’t quite a full-fledged alternative to the official social networking app, it’s much more flexible in customization.

Gabi’s main point that is widely advertised, is its ability to display items in your news feed according to your preference. You can view only certain types of stories – status updates, videos, pictures – and can even organize them based on their popularity from high to low or oppositely low to high.

That’s not it either. The app is also surprisingly intelligent, learning from your behavior. The app
s description highlights the following as an example in which the app’s sense acts:

If a lot of your friends have RSVPed for a certain event, for instance, Gabi clues you in so you can check it out! If one of your friends recently changes her status to single, you’ll get a heads up. If there’s a video going around that a lot of your friends are liking, Gabi will let you know.

For free, the app is definitely a steal. Check it out.