[New App RDUP] Games You Need to Play This Week 2 – Jan 7

Every week, we take our proverbial hatches and hack through the jungle that is the App Store to bring you the gaming treasures that have released this week (yes, it’s very much like an Indiana Jones expedition). Countless games release in the App Store week-to-week, and we know you do not have time to try them all out. Therefore, we are here to the rescue to bring you the very best releases of the week. So sit back, relax, and discover which new games you need to be playing this week.



Fans of the classic Wipeout racing series will be glad to know that there is finally a game for you, and it’s called Repulze. Repulze places you in the role of a test pilot, who is tasked with racing an experimental hovercraft known as a repulse. Although Repulze is easy to control via the touch and tilt controls, like any great racing game, it’s going to be hard to actually master. Add to the fact that the game looks incredible and the racing action is always frantic, and you have a racing game that will keep you busy for a long time to come. And, Pixelbite is going to continue to improve the game by adding new options throughout the year, so now is a great time to start mastering Repulze early so you can enjoy these other features later this year.

Swing King

The King’s furry kingdom is in jeopardy. Time to swing into action!”

That’s the first line of the description of Swing King on the App Store, and while it makes the game sound a bit ridiculous, Swing King is actually one of the freshest platformers to release in recent memory. Players are tasked with “flinging” the king across each level as you avoid traps, overcome obstacles, and grab stars to reach your flying unicorn and continue to the next level. Swing King also sports power-ups as well, such as boxing gloves, sticky grappling devices, and more that you must use to fling past certain obstacles. Add to the fact that the boss battles are pretty awesome, and you have a strategic platformer that will have you coming back for more time and again.

Rocket Warrior

Apparently, in the year 2456, an alien force known as Seele will attempt to bend the space-time continuum and travel to the point in which humans were first walking the Earth and destroy them (you have to love the storylines of most games on the App Store). Even though the storyline is ridiculous, the gameplay of Rocket Warrior is not. What it lacks in compelling story it more than makes up for in the game itself, as you are tasked with completing 48 levels that are complete with dangerous enemies, traps that will end your life, and more. By obtaining power-ups, hidden paths, and the like, players must complete each level by any means necessary, and the best part? The game is designed for high scores, meaning players will want to continue returning to Rocket Warrior time and again as they fly on their jetpack and try to save the human race. You can also purchase new items such as missiles, force fields, and more that will help you to avoid enemies and traps in an attempt to beat your high score. It’s definitely addictive, so if you’re ready to traverse dangerous environments on a jetpack, check out Rocket Warrior!

Catch the Ark

Apparently, one of the parts of the story of Noah’s Ark that has been left out for thousands of years was the fact that three animals were late to join the ark, so they built a raft and chased the ark so they could board it before the Great Flood drowned them. At ridiculous at the concept may be, Catch the Ark is actually a lot of fun, as players are tasked with steering the raft through rapids complete with jagged rocks, hungry crocodiles, fish that snap at you, and even Noah who is throwing explosive barrels at your raft (I didn’t know Noah was a violent guy). As you travel down the rapids, you can also collect coins that you can use in the in-game story to purchase power-ups such as a Pterodactyl and all-new boats such as a hovercraft and even a rubber ducky! The game becomes frantic and challenging as the game progresses, yet it never stops being fun, resulting in a game that’s extremely hard to put down once you begin playing. If you are looking for a fun pick-up-and-play timekiller this week, Catch the Ark is the game to get.


There’s already a lot of buzz about Hundreds on Twitter, and for good reason: it’s one of the most pure yet entertaining puzzle games to hit the App Store in recent memory. The concept of Hundreds is simple: you must grow at least 100 points between the circles in each puzzle. The circles turn red and unstable as they are growing, and once the circles crash? The game is over and you have to start over. Complete with over 100 engaging puzzles and an incredible soundtrack, Hundreds is a game that may just be your next addiction.

Fantasy Adventure

For the player that wants to try their hand at a new RPG (role-playing game), you may want to consider Fantasy Adventure. Blending RPG and RTS (real-time strategy) elements together, plays take control of protagonist Roland and his 12 playable friends – each of which have their own special attributes. Fighting across 60 stages, players will need to train themselves in order to increase their levels, make their weapons stronger, and learn various skills as their levels increase in order to effectively defeat the enemies later in the game. Add to the fact that each character is highly customizable (seriously, there are hundreds of different skill combinations you can use per character), and you have an RPG that will keep players busy for a while.

There you have it: the best games to hit the App Store this week. As always, we will highlight the best games of the week next week and every following week as well. We’ll do the hard work for you; all you have to do is come back next week and play the best games of the week!