Record Your iPhone’s Screen Without a Jailbreak

It’s overdue, but an application that allows users to record the screen of their iOS devices has finally made its introduction onto the App Store. Almost a straight over port of its Cydia counterpart, Display Recorder ($1.99) was released for the iPhone and iPad two days ago.

The application, once downloaded, actually boasts more features than its jailbreak equivalent. Upon first entering the app, you’ll be able to begin recording using the on-screen controls. You can switch to other apps, and, in fact, the app also lets you record audio which can then be merged with the video – a feature that was previously nonexistent with the Cydia alternative.

Once you’ve recorded any footage, you’ll have the option to save to your library or upload straight to YouTube. Although the sound recording is certainly a good addition, it’s not as useful considering sound will not be recorded with applications sporting their own in-app soundtrack.

You’ll be able to configure different settings to fit your preference. The whole list of the app’s abilities is included below:

  • Records directly to high quality H264 mp4.
  • Records both video & audio.
  • On-device YouTube uploading.
  • Adjustable video orientation & quality settings.
  • Adjustable audio quality settings.
  • Export recorded video to Photo Library.
  • Hardware accelerated video encoding.

The app does process video footage quite slowly, but it’s hopefully an issue that will be rectified in any impending updates. Check out the app in action in the video embedded below:

It’s not clear whether or not the app was mistakenly let into the App Store in another odd App Store approval situation, but the app has been available for two days – our advice? Go ahead and pick it up.