How to Scan Credit Card with iPhone?

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Online shopping, digital payments, and smart payments have been added to our daily life things since the smart world is moving faster. When having an online purchase through your Credit Card, you have to enter your Credit Card details manually. But iOS allows you to use your iPhone’s camera to scan credit cards and make payments through it. It is a safe and fast method of payment.

In short, you will not need to keep entering your Credit Card details every time you decide to order stuff online or for your digital purchases. All you need to do is to scan credit card with iPhone / iOS devices and it will automatically retrieve your Credit Card details on your device. But before you start doing that, you will have to Set up your card for further use. So we will show you how you can set up your credit card on your iPhone and then use it to scan your payments.

Steps to set up your Credit Card:

1. Go to Settings

Find the Settings application on your iOS device. It is an inbuilt service on your device and it has a gear logo as its icon. Tap on it to launch it.

2. Tap Safari

Settings will open you a list of Settings on your device. Locate Safari from the list. Tap on it to open Safari settings.

3. Tap Password & AutoFill

Tapping on Safari will open its settings. Tap the “Passwords & AutoFill” option, located at the top of your screen in the General section. 

4. Tap Saved Credit Card

In the Password & AutoFill section, locate “Saved Credit Cards”. You can locate this option at the bottom of this list. Tap on it to view its settings.

5. Add a Credit card

In this section, you will see “Add Credit Card”, located at the top of your screen. Tap on this option to proceed to add your credit card.

6. Use Camera

Once you tap on Add on Credit Card, you will see the option of “Use Camera”, located at the top of your screen. Tap on the option to scan your Credit Card using the Camera. 

7. Scan Credit Card

When you Use the Camera option, it will start the camera on your device. It will have a space of frame to scan your credit card with a “Position Card in this Frame” message on your camera screen. Bring your Credit Card underneath the frame and it will scan your Credit Card details automatically to your device the Credit Card details fields will be filled automatically.

8. Save Card

Once done, tap on the “Done” button, which can be located at the top right of your screen. Your scanned Credit Card details will now be saved on your device.

You’re now eligible to scan your credit card with iPhone. Below is the complete procedure to understand how to scan credit card with iPhone.

Steps to Scan your Credit Card with iPhone for an Online Payment:

1. Launch Safari

Safari is an inbuilt application on your iOS 8 iPhone or iPad. Locate it and tap on it to launch it. It is an application with a compass icon with a blue background.

2. Select your item

You can use the scan function only while making a purchase. You can choose an item to order from various online sites, we take an example Amazon. Select your item for purchase.

3. Place order

When you have selected your item, tap on the “Add To Cart” button, located under the product description on your screen. It will take you to the payment page. Click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button, located on the top of your screen. On the next page, tap on the “Add a new payment method” option, located on the top of your screen.

4. Scan Credit Card

You will be asked to add a new credit card or Debit card. Tap on the field of “Name on card”, which can be located in the middle of the screen. Tap on it to enter your name. Once you start to enter the details, a new option of “Scan Credit Card” will be displayed on your screen. Tap on this option to scan the Credit Card.

5. Take your Credit Card underneath the camera

When you click on the scan option, it will open your iDevice’s camera automatically. It will be having a space of frame for your credit card with a “Position Card in this Frame” message on your screen. Take your Credit Card underneath that frame and it will automatically scan your Credit Card details to your iPhone or iPad. You will see all the fields to be filled automatically.

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Once you have saved your card on your iPhone, the details will be saved on your device until you delete your card details from it. It is quick and takes less effort to make your purchases through scan credit card with iPhone feature. You can use the same card for more than one device as well by following the same method on the other devices.


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